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How to Completely Delete Data from USB Flash Drive ?

Summary: This article is ideal for you to read if you want to delete Data from USB Flash Drive and are looking for a suitable option. It aims to provide you with a fantastic, few-steps method to delete files from USB flash drive. It is advised to continue sliding down the page in order to uncover the solution to your problem.

User’s Query

Hello, my USB flash drive is currently useless to me, so I have decided to sell it. Nevertheless, I must first erase all of its data before I can proceed. The problem I have, though, is that I have no idea how to erase data from USB flash drive. I’m here looking for a solution to the issue; kindly assist me in finding the right one.

When trading in a storage device such as a USB, it is best to remove all of its data first. The data we retain on storage devices is supposed to be personal and important, and it can be a huge asset to someone else. As a result, wiping a USB and other storage device before selling it is the best option.

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How to Delete Data from USB Flash Drive ? A Solution from a Trusted Brand

One of the greatest and most dependable programs for erasing data from any storage device you might now own is PCDOTS Data Erasure Software. It provides the finest response to your query about how to delete all data on USB drive. The software is simple to use and provides you with a wide range of sophisticated features that are essential for getting the desired outcome.
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We have outlined some of the tool’s features below to further help you understand how it works and how best to erase data from USB flash drives. We strongly advise you to read them aloud to understand why you must use the tool.

Why Must You Employ PCDOTS USB Data Erasure Software ?

  • Everyone Can Use It: The application is made to be used by anybody to delete files from USB flash drive. Its user interface is the most straightforward and there is nothing that you will find difficult to grasp. Regardless of whether this is your first time using the tool; you will feel comfortable using it.
  • Wipe in Batch: The application’s functionality is unbounded, allowing you to wipe any amount of data at once. If you have data in GB or TB, you can delete it all at once. As a result, you can think of this tool as a time saver because you now know how to delete data from USB flash drive permanently in bulk.
  • Wipe as Indicated: You can use the application to completely delete files off a flash drive or only a specific subset of them. You have the choice of erasing only the available space on a USB flash drive or the entire drive.
  • Wiping Techniques: You can erase data from a flash drive using a variety of techniques. There are straightforward, common, sophisticated, and extremely sophisticated approaches. Your choice of technique depends on how critical your data is.
  • A Reliable Tool: The application to delete all data on USB flash drive is completely dependable and ensures that data lost cannot be restored. The tool protects your privacy from fraudsters by erasing data on flash drives and making it impossible to restore it.

Hence, these are some of the features that, when combined, make this software excellent for you. Another aspect of the product that we’d like to share with you is how it works. To understand why you must do after running the tool, carefully read the step-by-step guide below.

How to Delete Files Off a Flash Drive ? A Detailed Guide

  • Download, install, and launch the tool to delete data from USB flash drive.
    run the tool to delete data from a usb flash drive
  • When the tool’s window appears, select one of the options listed below.
    choose wipe disk option
  • You can also select Wipe free space or Wipe complete space, as shown further down.
    wipe unused space or free space
  • Finally, select the Wipe button to delete all files on USB flash drive.
    erase all data from a usb flash drive
  • If you click the Wipe option, you will be prompted with a warning; if you wish to proceed, hit the Yes button.
    click yes


We have provided you with the best response to your query about how to delete data from USB flash drive permanently. The PCDOTS software that is being recommended is an all-in-one tool that can erase data from a variety of storage devices. In addition to delete files from USB flash drives, the software allows you to wipe data from Hard drives, Pen drives, and other devices. When you first download the tool, you can access a free demo version of it. Hence, erase data from USB flash drive as soon as you download the tool from the link above.