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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 17-Feb-2023 ~ Erase Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Delete Data from Pen Drive Permanently?

If you wish to permanently delete data from pen drive, you should read this blog post. Here is a method that makes it possible to delete pen drive data partially or completely without it ever being able to be restored. It is strongly advised to read this instructive PCDOTS article if you want to get the best data erasing option.

Why Should You Erase Data from Pen Drives?

  1. Freeing up the Space: If you wish to transfer new data to the pen drive and it is already full, you must first remove its existing contents to make room.
  2. Deleting Redundant or Pointless info to Reduce Confusion: Unintentionally uploading comparable data or files to a pen drive might sometimes take up more space than is necessary. Therefore, you must remove comparable data from pen drive storage devices in order to eliminate duplication.
  3. Blocking Access to Critical Information: You may occasionally be required to hand over your pen drive to another person. Your pen drive may be used for gain if it includes sensitive or important information. In this circumstance, wiping pen drive data is necessary to maintain privacy.
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How to Delete Data from Pen Drive Permanently to Protect Privacy?

One of the best tools to erase all data from pen drive is Data Erasure Software by PCDOTS. You can use it to completely or partially delete pen drive data while removing all possibility of recovering it afterwards. It is an all-in-one data removal tool that enables you to delete data from a variety of storage media, including flash drives, memory cards, and pen drives. We have described the entire explanation to assist you in comprehending how the tool functions. So, have a look.
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Detailed Explanation on How to Wipe Data from Pen Drive

Note: Accidentally deleting data that subsequently turns out to be crucial is a regular issue with file deletion. As a result, if you suspect the data you are deleting may be crucial in the future, you must back it up.
    • You must first acquire the Pen Drive Eraser Software. Once the download is finished, start the installation process. Launch it once installation is finished to start the process to delete data from pen drive permanently.
      download tool to delete data from pen drive
    • Select one of the following options after the tool’s window has been opened. A drive’s partition or the entire drive can be deleted.
      select preferred option
    • As described below, you can also select Wipe unsed space space or Wipe all space.
      wipe free space or all space
    • After that, choose Wipe to start deleting the data.
      click wipe to delete pen drive data
    • You will then be given a warning and given the choice to continue permanently removing pen drive by selecting Yes.
      click yes

We have now thoroughly discussed how to erase all data from pen drive. Now that you are familiar with how the tool functions, we’d like to go through some of its features with you. Read the functionalities listed below to find out why the tool is perfect for you to delete pen drive data.

Find Some Traits of the Pen Drive Data Erasure Software

  • An All-In-One Tool: PCDOTS Data Deletion Software is a multi-functional utility for erasing data from storage devices. You can use the software to delete data from hard drives, erase data from memory cards, USB drives, and logical drives, entirely remove browsing history, and more. So, regardless of the sort of storage device you’re using, the tool may assist you in permanently deleting data from it.
  • Permanent Erasure: When you use a tool to completely remove something from a pen drive, it is permanently erased and cannot be recovered. Software to erase all data from pen drive is created using complex algorithms. Therefore, it is impossible to restore deleted data if someone wants to.
  • Device Compatibility: Windows-based computers can use the tool to delete data from pen drive permanently. Simply use the pen drive erasure tool on the device running Windows 11, 10 and below.
  • Wiping Methods: Users who want to completely or partially delete pen drive data should use this application. Both free space and the entire amount of pen drive space deletion are options as well. You have a variety of options to pick from, depending on your needs.


Sometimes it’s necessary to delete data from pen drive permanently in order to maintain privacy. Therefore, a suitable tool is required to delete pen drive data. We have provided you with the greatest pen drive erasure tool, which not only erase all data from pen drive but also from flash drives and SDD cards. You may get the program from the link above and begin using it right now for free.