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Delete Browsing History Permanently With No Chance of Recovery

PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 08-Feb-2023 ~ Erase Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Our browser carries even more critical and confidential information about our personal and professional lives. If this critical history falls into the hands of scammers, it could become a valuable asset for them. As a result, wiping the history could be a major cause of action to protect personal privacy. Thus, if you want to delete browsing history permanently and are looking for an appropriate solution, you will most likely find it in this post.

When you explore a website, your browser saves data such as the site’s address, files necessary to execute an online application, downloads, and many other things. You can remove browsing history permanently to protect yourself against fraudsters. Some of the advantages to erase browser history are listed below; you can read about them.

Why Should You Delete Browsing History Permanently?

  • It is a smart option to clear browser history since it keeps you from utilizing out-dated forms, safeguards your personal data, and enhances the performance of our computer apps.
  • You dramatically lower your risk of falling victim to a cyber-attack by routinely erasing your internet history.
  • Your search history can sometimes define your lifestyle, and a fraudster can use it to subsequently trap you. As a result, you can avoid these problems if you permanently remove internet history.

These are some of the benefits of permanently deleting surfing history. As a result, we are now providing you with the best solution so that you may effortlessly begin your erasing operation.

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How to Permanently clear Months/Years of Browser History Without Making Any Effort?

PCDOTS Data Erasure Software is a highly advanced and entirely automated solution to delete all browsing history permanently. This software is built with advanced algorithms that make it simple to permanently wipe surfing history. It’s a simple tool that allows you to clear browser history permanently in a few simple clicks. We’ve listed some of the tool’s advantages below to help you understand it better. You are free to check them whenever you like.
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Note: Our finest PCDOTS Metadata Erasure Tool is available if you only want to remove the metadata from a piece of data rather than the entire thing.

Why Should You Use Data Removal Software?

  1. The app to clear browser history is simple that even inexperienced users may use without assistance.
  2. It is a 100% trustworthy program, and once delete browsing history cannot be restored.
  3. The software to permanently clear browsing history is compatible with all Windows OS versions.
  4. It also allows you to delete data from pen drives and other storage devices in addition to delete browsing history permanently.
  5. Allow you to erase all browsing history data or a subset of it based on your needs.
  6. The application is unrestricted and has the ability to permanently remove browsing history from any year or month.
  7. The application also includes a demo version, allowing you to test its capabilities without spending anything.
  8. It is a fully safe application that protects your privacy and personal information.

So, these are some of the tool’s features that make it the most valuable to you. Some of our previous clients have inquired about our solution to delete all browsing history permanently. If you have some as well, you may find an answer in the section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have not yet upgraded to Windows 11. I’m currently running an out-of-date version of Windows. Can I use the software in Windows 8.1 to delete browsing history forever?

Our PCDOTS application to clear browser history is compatible with all Windows operating system versions. You can use it to remove browsing history permanently on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and even 7.

Is it possible to restore surfing data after deleting it with the Data deletion tool?

No, once you use our PCDOTS tool to remove search history, you will never be able to recover it.

What can this PCDOTS utility do?

The software to delete browsing history permanently has a large scope. It’s an all-in-one tool that can wipe an hard disk, remove data from memory cards, Wipe data from Pen drive and logical drives, among other things.

Note: Please keep in mind that if you have any questions that are not addressed here; you can contact our support team.


We have provided you with a fantastic way to delete browsing history permanently. This post talks about the ideal search history removal tool. The software is all-in-one and provides a simple method to clear browser history permanently. You can click the button above to download the utility directly to erase browser history, or you can visit the main page to which we have provided a link above.