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How to Partially or Completely Delete Data from Memory Card?

PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 15-Feb-2023 ~ Erase Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Overview: This article aims to provide you with the best method to delete data from memory card while completely removing the possibility of recovering it through any means. So if you want to wipe memory card permanently, keep scrolling down the page.

User’s Concern

Hello, I recently purchased a memory card from a friend, but it already has 120 GB of data on it out of the total 128 GB. I want to delete all of that data first so that I may use it for my own data. But despite my best efforts, I was unable to completely erase its data. I believe I’ll need some alternatives to erase data from memory card. Please advise me on the best option.

Erasing data completely from memory is a difficult undertaking; nevertheless, if you succeed, there is a good possibility that someone will be able to retrieve it. Therefore, until you can thoroughly clean it, it might not be a smart idea to buy or sell such storage devices. So, have a look at the tool we’ve described below that deletes data that can never be restored.

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How to Delete Data from Memory Card While Preventing Recovery?

One of the greatest choices to delete files from memory card is Data Erasure Tool from the well-known and generally regarded PCDOTS. It is constructed in such a manner that any data deleted by it can never be retrieved, regardless of medium. This utility is meant to completely wipe data from memory card and other storage devices. Aside from the memory card, it may also be used to erase browser history or hard disk drive.
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It’s a safe and simple solution that works best as a time saver. Even if you wish to erase data from memory card larger than 128 GB, the tool will just take a few seconds. We’ve included a thorough description of how to use the tool to clean a memory card. We recommend that you browse through them to figure out how the tools work.

Step-by-Step Guide to Wipe Memory Card Permanently

  • First and foremost, you must click on the icon above to download the memory card wiping utility. Complete the installation procedure, and then launch it.
    launch the tool to delete data from hard drive
  • Once the tool is completely operational, select one of the following options. You have the option of deleting the entire memory card or a segment of it.
    select the alternatives
  • You may also select Wipe unused space space or Wipe entire memory card space, as stated below.
    wipe free space or total space
  • Then, to begin deleting the data, pick the Wipe option.
    click wipe to wipe memory card
  • Following that, you will be provided with a warning, and you must select the Yes button to begin permanently wiping memory card.
    click yes to erase memory card

That is how the tool operates. To delete data from memory card permanently, follow the procedures above. In addition to explaining how the tool works, we’ve also gone over some of its features. We recommend that you read them to determine the tool’s suitability.

Why Should You Use the PCDOTS Memory Card Data Eraser?

  1. Permanent Data Erasure: No one will ever be able to recover data that has been erased using the PCDOTS Memory Card Eraser Tool. The tool to delete files from memory card is created utilizing complex algorithms. As a result, recovering data after it has been removed using the tool is impossible.
  2. Built for All Users: One of the finest features of the memory card data eraser is its ease of use. It has a more user-friendly UI. It can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they are utilizing such an automated tool for the first time.
  3. Wiping Methods: The application is ideal for individuals who wish to completely or partially delete their memory card. You may also delete free space as well as total memory card space. You may select from a variety of options based on your needs.
  4. Device Compatibility: The tool to delete data from memory card is only compatible with Windows devices. It is compatible to run on any previous or recent version of Windows operating system. You can use the tool to wipe memory card on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and earlier versions.

In Conclusion

We have provided you with the greatest tool to assist you in permanently delete data from memory card. The best software to delete files from memory card is the memory card wipe tool from PCDOTS. It is a sophisticated tool that has the ability to remove data from pen drives, logical drives and more. Utilize the download button up top if you wish to use the tool for free at first.