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How to Convert GIF to Bitmap without Losing Quality?

Summary: In Today’s blog, we are going to discuss how you may convert GIF to Bitmap. Read this blog to know different ways to convert multiple GIF files to BMP in a single operation. So, let’s start scrolling down the page.

As we know, both GIF and BMP files are image formats but their applications are different. GIF files are usually smaller while BMP files are higher, thus they are great for 2D images and screenshots. We are going to go through some basic benefits of converting GIF to BMP, please have a look.

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BMP Over GIF | Primary Benefits

  1. BMP is an excellent choice for Web graphics since they may be readily reduced to minimize file size without sacrificing quality. This allows them to download and show more quickly on the screen.
  2. BMP is device-independent, which means it may be stored and viewed on a variety of devices and displays without loss of quality.
  3. The BMP format is extremely flexible, supporting different color depths, profiles, and alpha channels. It may also be used to compress data.
  4. BMPs are compatible with a wide range of web browsers and software applications. This file type is supported by a number of image editing tools, including Adobe Photoshop.

So here are the common benefits of BMP files over GIFs. Now, let’s get to our solution to convert GIF to BMP.

How to convert GIF to Bitmap | A Manual Way

For the manual method, we will be using Microsoft Paint. This is a free way to change GIF to BMP. Follow the steps to learn about this method.

  1. Open Microsoft Paint on your Windows device
  2. Click File >> Open >> Then add your GIFs
  3. Click again Open >> Save As
  4. Now change Save as to BMP files and click the Save button

So, this is how you can convert GIF to BMP for free. However, this method comes with some limitations, which you should be aware of.

Downsides of the Manual Approach

  1. The manual procedure is time consuming and labour intensive.
  2. You must go through each image one by one to convert them.
  3. There may be a significant decrease in the quality of the images.
  4. There will be a large number of duplicate files.

If you want to get around these limitations and want to convert multiple GIF files to bitmap in one go, consider the following method.

An Automated Way to Convert GIF to BMP

PCDOTS Image File Converter is the perfect solution for you to convert GIF to Bitmap. This method overcomes all limitations of the manual approach. It enables you to convert a large number of GIF files at the same time without having to go through each one individually. This GIF to BMP converter is secured and available for free.
Download Now

We will guide you through every stage you have to go through to use this GIF to BMP converter for free. Read it carefully to use the tool without any hassle.

Steps to Automatically Convert GIF Files to Bitmap

  • Download, install and launch the app to convert GIF to bitmap.
    download gif to bmp converter
  • Click the Open tab and select GIF files. Click the Choose Files or Choose Folder option to select and import GIFs into the tool.
    select gif files or folders
  • Now, click on the Export button and select BMP files from the drop-down list.
    select bmp saving option
  • Click the Browse button to specify the destination path to the output.
    select destination path
  • Finally, click the Save button to convert GIF to BMP files.
    convert gif to bitmap
  • You will be notified once all the files have been converted successfully.
    conversion complete

You should note that the free version of this GIF to BMP converter can only convert a few files. In order to convert an unlimited number of files at once, you must purchase the full version.

Advantages of GIF to BMP Converter

(1) The software offers a simple user interface to convert GIF to Bitmap.

(2) It can batch convert GIF to BMP which Microsoft Paint app can’t do.

(3) This GIF to BMP converter is completely secured and keeps image quality.

(4) Users can also use this application to convert BMP files to TIFF files, BMP to WebP files, BMP files to PDF, and more image files.

(5) The software also enables you to preview the GIF image before converting it into bitmap files.
preview images

(6) It enables you to specify the destination path to save the output images instead of saving them in the default location.

(7) The software to convert GIF to BMP is compatible with all the latest and older versions of the Windows operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to convert BMP to GIF in batch?

  • Install and start the GIF to BMP converter
  • Import GIF files into the software pane
  • Click Export and select the option to save as BMP
  • Select the location and click the Save button

Question 2: Can I convert multiple images at once using MS Paint?

A: You can convert only one picture at a time using Windows Paint.

Question 3: How many GIFs can I convert at once using the software?

A: You can convert an unlimited number of images with the full version of GIF to BMP converter.

Question 4: Does the tool have any limitations?

A: No, you may face some limitations only with the free version of the software. Once you purchase the license version, you can convert GIF to bitmap image without borders.

Question 5: Can I convert GIF to BMP on Mac?

A: No. GIF to BMP converter only supports Windows, it can’t convert GIF to bitmap on Mac.

Final Words

We have two best ways to convert GIF to bitmap. You can either use MS Paint or the automated solution to convert GIF to BMP. While the Paint app can only convert one image at a time, the tool can convert unlimited files at once. You can get the tool for free using the free download button above.

If you have any question regarding this GIF to BMP converter, you can ask us at any time.

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