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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 25-Jul-2023 ~ Convert ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Batch Convert GIF to AI in a Single Operation

This article is a great resource for a great GIF to AI conversion solution. Here you may find a simple tutorial to convert multiple GIF files to Vector Illustrator at once for free. Let’s get started.

The AI (Adobe Illustrator) format supports limitless scaling without sacrificing resolution. Its tiny file size, adaptability, and support for layering and transparency make it popular among designers and artists. This AI format has certain distinct advantages over GIF files, which we recommend you study.

AI over GIF Files | Some Primary Advantages of AI

  1. Vector Illustrator can be scaled down to the size of a company card or as large as the size of a billboard while maintaining the same excellent quality.
  2. AI files also have the advantage of being comprehensive. They store a lot of picture data specifications, making them easier to update.
  3. They’re quite adaptable, supporting layering and transparency in ways that other file formats do not. AI files may be used in logos, and symbols for transparency and beautiful typography.
  4. Simple AI files are often tiny, making them simple to pass on, publish, and keep.

So, these are some of the advantages of AI files that you will not find while working with GIFs. Now, let’s get to our solution to convert GIF to Illustrator.

How to Convert GIF to AI? A Best Solution

PCDOTS Image Converter is one of the best and most reliable ways to add GIF to Illustrator. This software is a versatile image conversion tool that supports a wide range of image file types. It is fully secured and maintains image fidelity while converting your image files. It comes with a free and full version. We suggest you to click on the link below and download the tool for free and test it.
Download Now

This software only requires you to follow some easy steps to convert GIF to Adobe Illustrator. We have listed all the stages in detail below and recommend you to go through all of them for a hassle-free work with GIF to AI converter.

Find the Steps to Convert GIF to PDF for Free

A Step-by-Step Procedure to Add GIF to Illustrator

  • Download, install and launch the software on Windows to convert GIF to AI.
    download gif to ai converter
  • After launching the tool, click the Open button and select GIF Next, click the choose files or choose folder option to browse and import GIF files to the tool.
    choose gif files or folders
  • Once all the GIFs are loaded into the GIF to AI converter, you can preview them.
    preview gif before convert into ai
  • Now, click the Export button and select AI as the export option.
    select ai saving option
  • Click the Browse button and specify the destination path for the output files.
    browse location
  • Finally, click the Save button to add GIF to Illustrator.
    click save to convert gif to ai
  • Once all GIF files are converted into AI, you will be notified.
    check message

So, at this level of ease, you can convert GIF to AI with the software. Now, we recommend you to know some of the features that we have listed below.

GIF to AI Converter | Basic Features

(1) This software is designed with a very basic user interface. Hence, even a non-technical person will find no problem working on it to convert GIF to AI.

(2) It is able to batch convert GIF files. You can convert any number of GIF files to Adobe Illustrator in a single process.

(3) It provides two options to select and import GIF files in the pane. You can select a single GIF file or a folder containing lots of GIFs.

(4) The tool to convert GIF to AI also works as an image viewer. It allows you to scan GIF images before finally converting them.

(5) Lets you select the preferred location to save the output files. Consequently, you can specify the tool and select a secure, easy-to-access folder to save the resulting image files.

(6) This software is system based and works completely offline. Therefore, you don’t have to upload your images to the web and risk losing them just like you do with an online GIF to AI converter.

(7) It is completely self-contained and does not require you to download any third party apps or additional settings in between the conversion process.

(8) It is a multi-image conversion tool. Hence, you can also use it to convert GIF files to EPS, GIF files to SVG files, GIF files to TIFF and a lot of other image file formats.

(9) This GIF to AI converter is compatible with Windows only. It can easily add GIF to Illustrator on Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8.1 and earlier.

In Conclusion

The suggested GIF to AI Converter is a highly advanced and trustworthy tool to free and batch convert GIF to AI. It’s all-in-one software that can convert GIF files to a variety of file formats. It is available in two editions: free and trial. You can begin by using the free version and evaluate its capabilities.

If you face any problems using the tool or finding the best licensing package for you, please contact us at any time.