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How to Forward ProtonMail to Gmail and G Suite Accounts?

PCDOTS Team ~ Modified: 23-Nov-2021 ~ Software ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Do you want to migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail or G Suite accounts? If your answer is yes then don’t be panic now. In this blog post, PCDOTS Team is explaining the complete step-by-step process to forward ProtonMail to Gmail cloud-based email services. After reading this specific blog post anyone can easily transfer all email and email components from ProtonMail to Google (Gmail or G Suite) account. After reading this informative article all these types of problems will be solved.

  • How to forward ProtonMail to Gmail?
  • Can I send mail from ProtonMail to Gmail?
  • How to add ProtonMail to Gmail with attachments?

Before going to the step-by-step process, first read some real-time queries for a better understanding of the actual problems. We have got these queries from our clients through live chat or email.

Real-Time Queries of ProtonMail Users

I am using ProtonMail email for the past four years but now I want to switch ProtonMail to Gmail cloud-based service. Actually, I am using a paid subscription-based plan of ProtonMail but now I don’t want to spend extra money. Please note one thing also, I am a non-technical user who doesn’t want to use ProtonMail Bridge. Suggest me the easiest technique to migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail without using IMAP settings.

– Brandon, London

“Can I send mail from ProtonMail to Gmail” actually I am looking for a reliable technique for solving this mentioned query. I am using a paid plan of ProtonMail which is expiring soon. But now I don’t want to renew it because I have decided to use the Google Mail service instead of it. Now the problem is that I want to send my all old email messages from ProtonMail to Gmail. Please recommend an excellent technique to switch from ProtonMail to Google Mail without the loss of old emails.

– Maxwell, Toulouse

Migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail – Step-by-Step

1 – First of all, download emails from ProtonMail to MBOX file extension by using the free ProtonMail Import-Export App. ProtonMail offers this freeware import-export app for its subscription-based users that is capable to export emails into MBOX as well as EML file extension. You can also read this blog post to download ProtonMail emails into MBOX – https://pcdots.com/blog/download-emails-from-protonmail/

2 – After that, download the PCDOTS All-in-One MBOX Converter that is fully compatible with ProtonMail exported MBOX files. Because of its working facility, it is also known as ProtonMail to Gmail Migration Tool. So in this below article, we will mention it as ProtonMail to Gmail Converter.

Download Now

3 – Run this ProtonMail to Gmail Migration Tool on your Windows Machine. Choose the Open button to continue.

ProtonMail to Gmail Migration Tool

4 – Thereafter, select the MBOX Files option from drop-down email sources. After that, select one option from Choose Folders or Choose Files for uploading mailbox files in the software panel.

protonmail to gmail encryption

5 – Now you can preview MBOX files in the software windows.

add protonmail to gmail

6 – Click on any ProtomMail MBOX file and preview all emails in the software panel with complete detailed information.

preview all emails

7 – ProtonMail to Gmail Converter provides a separate option to extract email addresses, attachments, phone numbers, associated emails & phone numbers.

ProtonMail to Gmail Converter

8 – After that, select Gmail from the list of saving options as you can see in the respective screenshot.

select Gmail

9 – On advanced settings, if required, enter Google Mail account credentials i.e. Email Id or Password, and press the Save button.

sending protonmail to gmail

10 – The ProtonMail to Gmail migration process is running, kindly wait for a while.

how to add protonmail to gmail

11 – Now, it is showing a message of completion like “Messages have been exported successfully”. Hit on the Ok button to continue.

Messages have been exported successfully

12 – Thereafter, login to your Google Mail account and see the imported ProtonMail emails into Gmail.

Google Mail account

Notable Features of ProtonMail to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Fully Automatic Software: ProtonMail to G Suite Converter is a fully automatically toolkit to add ProtonMail to Gmail cloud-based account. The tool asks only Google Mail (G Suite or Gmail) account login details for finishing the task.
  • Add Multiple Mailbox Files: This application is specially developed for sending ProtonMail to Gmail in bulk so that users can save their valuable time and efforts. It provides dual inbuilt options like Choose Files or Choose Folders for uploading multiple mailbox files in the software interface.
  • Count Emails & Analyze Emails: ProtonMail to Gmail Migration Tool automatically counts emails from each ProtonMail MBOX files and shows the total number of emails. Users can also analyze selected email files before migration as it offers multiple advanced preview options i.e. Hex View, Message Header, Raw Message, etc.
  • Extract ProtonMail Items: The tool comes with separate options to extract email addresses, attachments, phone numbers, associated emails & phone numbers. It is able to store ProtonMail email addresses & phone numbers in a simple text file. ProtonMail email attachments can be stored in the actual file extensions like DOC, PDF, XLS, PPT, PNG, JPG, etc.
  • Maintain Folder Structure: PCDOTS ProtonMail to Gmail Converter preserves the original folder & sub-folder structure. It also keeps all email items and components like To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Signature, Attachments, Header, Hyperlinks, Text Formatting, Inline Images, etc.
  • Advanced Search & Filters: This utility has an advanced search option that is capable to find specific emails from whole and specific files. Users can also search within selected dates according to their choice. After that, it shows a message like 50 records found. At last, click on the “Save Found Messages” button to store all specific records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – Can I install PCDOTS ProtonMail to Gmail Migration Software on the latest Windows 10?

A – Yes, of course, the ProtonMail to Gmail Converter is compatible with the latest Windows 10 & Windows Server 2019 editions. It also supports all old editions of Windows.

Q 2 – Does your software permit to migrate from ProtonMail to G Suite corporate email account?

A – Yes, the tool is authorized to migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail & G Suite also.

Q 3 – Can I send mail from ProtonMail to Gmail together with attachments?

A – Yes, it preserves all types of email attachments during sending ProtonMail to Gmail.

Q 4 – Does your software allow to forward ProtonMail to Gmail without ProtonMail Bridge?

A – Yes, it is a fully standalone application that is specially designed to migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail without a bridge.

The Conclusion

After reading and following the above-mentioned steps anyone can easily migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail / G Suite accounts without showing any error message. It is a 100% verified technique by experts so you can proudly use it to link ProtonMail to Gmail. The tool is obtainable with a free demo edition so that users can check its features before upgrading to the pro edition. It is a one-time investment for sending ProtonMail to Gmail with emails and email items.