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How to Forward ProtonMail to Gmail Account?

If we make a comparison between proton Mail and Gmail, it becomes quite clear that even the free Gmail is much better in terms of features and storage than the paid ProtonMail account. Hence it is no surprise to us that most of the Proton mail users are now turning to Gmail for a better experience. Since users need to do the migration, we have detailed the explanation on how to forward ProtonMail to Gmail in this article. Please review it and solve the following:

  • How to forward ProtonMail to Gmail?
  • How to migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail?
  • How to add ProtonMail to Gmail with attachments?

Although ProtonMail is known for its privacy, cluttered security, and end-to-end encryption, this does not mean reducing the entire account space for users. Its free plan only offers some basic features that do not meet the needs of modern users. Nowadays, users want more advanced and interactive features in a small amount.

A service like Gmail takes care of the needs of modern users. Hence, it provides the services for free with an interactive and advanced function that is not available in any other service in today’s era.

Quick Steps to Forward ProtonMail to Gmail

  • Login to ProtonMail and click the setting icon.
  • Go to redirection/IMAP and add Gmail credentials.
  • Open Gmail account and verify your email address.
  • Setup Gmail to receive forwarded emails from ProtonMail.
  • At last, confirm Gmail forwarding and click Save.

How to Forward Proton Mail to Gmail?

When it comes to forwarding ProtonMail to Gmail; It is useful for consolidating accounts as well as managing emails in one place. You can check all the steps below to forward emails from ProtonMail to Google Mail easily.

Step 1: Enable Redirection/ IMAP in ProtonMail

  • Open Web browser and login to your ProtonMail account.
  • Click the gear (Setting) icon located in the top right corner of the ProtonMail interface.
  • In the Settings menu, go to the Forwarding/IMAP tab.
  • After enabling email forwarding, you will need to enter Gmail email address. This is where you forward ProtonMail to Gmail.
  • Proton Mail will send a confirmation email to your Gmail address. Check your Gmail inbox and follow the verification instructions.
  • After adjusting your redirection settings, make sure to save your changes.

Step 2: Setup Gmail to Receive Forwarded Emails:

Now, you’ll need to configure Gmail to receive forwarded emails.

  • Sign into Gmail Account.
  • Click the gear icon and choose “View all settings.”
  • Click the Accounts and Import tab.
  • In the “Check mail from other accounts” section, hit “Add a mail account”.

Follow the prompts to add your ProtonMail address. You may need to provide ProtonMail password and adjust settings to import emails.

Step 3: Confirm Gmail Forwarding:

Gmail would send a confirmation mail to ProtonMail address. Check ProtonMail inbox and confirm the forwarding request.

Note: You must make sure that your ProtonMail subscription includes the forwarding feature, as it may not be available with free accounts. You must have a paid subscription or Mail+ plan to forward ProtonMail emails to Gmail. If you want to switch from ProtonMail account and want to permanently migrate its emails to Google account, please refer to the following method.

How to Migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail Permanently ?

MBOX Converter software is the best solution to migrate Proton Mail emails to Gmail account. ProtonMail offers the free import-export app for its subscription-based users that is capable to export emails into MBOX as well as EML file extension. You must Download emails from ProtonMail using the manual function and then start using our tool to accomplish the task.

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Quick Steps to Move ProtonMail Emails to Gmail

  • Export ProtonMail in the MBOX format.
  • Download, install and start the software
  • Add ProtonMail files into the software panel.
  • Click Export and select Gmail saving option.
  • Enter Gmail credentials and then click Save.

Step 1: Export Mailboxes ProtonMail Account

  • First; open the ProtonMail Import-Export App and than add your ProtonMail account.
    start import-export app to add protonmail to gmail
  • Enter your ProtonMail username and password and then hit Next.
    enter protonmail username and password
  • Once the account is added select Export All from the Action tab.
    click export all button
  • Then, click Export button.
    click export button
  • Select All Mail or Inbox. Select MBOX format as export option. Select location for files and click Export.
    select format to move proton mail to gmail
  • Export ProtonMail email export is done, click Okay.
    click okay
  • Access your ProtonMail files in the specified location.
    access protonmail files

Step 2: Add ProtonMail Files to Gmail Account

  • Download, install and launch the mentioned PCDOTS software to migrate ProtonMail to Gmail.
    run the tool to migrate protonmail to gmail
  • Now, click the Open >> MBOX Files >> Choose Folders / Choose Files.
    choose files or folders
  • Following that; browse and import ProtonMail files into the software window.
    browse previously downloaded protonmail files
  • After that, click Export button and select Gmail from the list of saving options.
    select gmail as export option
  • Now, enter Gmail account credentials, and press the Save button to finally migrate ProtonMail to Gmail.
    enter gmail credentials
  • Once the process is done, you will be notified.
    process completion message
  • Thereafter, login to your Google account and see the imported ProtonMail emails.
    open gmail and check output
Note: If you want to directly migrate emails from ProtonMail to Gmail without downloading them in mailbox format first, you can do so with the tool. However, you must keep in mind that you must have a subscription in ProtonMail account to enable IMAP to later migrate emails.
  • You can add an account in the tool by entering ProtonMail credentials.
    add protonmail account to migrate emails to gmail
  • Then add the Gmail IDs to directly export the complete or selective data.
    enter gmail credentials

So, these are the only steps to migrate ProtonMail to Gmail. If you want to know more about the software, you may find its features below.

Notable Features of the Automated Tool

1. Fully Automatic Software: This software is fully automated and allows you to easily add ProtonMail to Gmail. The tool asks only Google Mail (G Suite or Gmail) account login details for finishing the task.

2. Add Multiple Mailbox Files: This application allows to migrate ProtonMail to Gmail in bulk so that users can save their valuable time and efforts. It provides dual inbuilt options like Choose Files or Choose Folders for uploading multiple ProtonMail files in the software interface.

3. Count Emails & Analyze Emails: This Tool automatically counts emails from each ProtonMail files and shows the total number of emails. Also, users can analyze selected email files before migration as it offers multiple advanced preview options i.e. Hex View, Message Header, Raw Message, etc.
check hex value of protonmail emails

4. Advanced Search & Filters: This utility has an advanced search option that is capable to find specific emails from whole and specific files. Users can also search for emails based on certain time frame and other criteria. You may click on the “Save Found Messages” button to store all specific records.
search within protonmail emails

5. Maintain Folder Structure: This PCDOTS software preserves the original folder & sub-folder structure. It also keeps all email items and components like To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Signature, Attachments, Header, Hyperlinks, Text Formatting, Inline Images, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should i migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail?

ProtonMail enables you to view emails by category, but the free edition lacks an advanced functions that Google account offer. As compared to ProtonMail; Google Mail provides more functions and is more powerful.

2) What exactly is email forwarding, and why should I forward ProtonMail to Gmail?

Email forwarding is the process of forwarding emails from one email account to another. Proton Mail to Gmail forwarding will help you condense your emails into a single inbox, making it easier to manage and retrieve your messages from a single platform.

3) Can I set auto forwarding in free ProtonMail account?

No, email forwarding is normally included with paid ProtonMail services. This feature may not be available in free ProtonMail accounts.

4) When forwarding ProtonMail emails, can I automatically forward attachments?

When you set up email forwarding from ProtonMail to Google Mail, attachments are usually transferred together with the email text.

5) What happens to forwarded emails in my ProtonMail account?

Depending on your ProtonMail settings, forwarded emails may be kept in your ProtonMail inbox, marked as forwarded, or deleted. You can configure this in your redirection settings.

The Conclusion

We have discussed the manual process to forward ProtonMail to Gmail, providing you with a detailed road map to simplify your email management. However, If you find yourself looking for a more straightforward and efficient way to migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail, especially if you’re considering a permanent switch, there’s an alternative that can save you time and effort.