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Convert PNG File to WEBP in Bulk Without Losing Quality

Convert PNG file to WEBP in bulk without losing quality. This article is a great resource for learning how to convert PNG to WEBP for free. Keep scrolling the page to get the best conversion solution.

Both PNG and WEBP are great image file formats in terms of their qualities and the benefits they provide. However, for effective image usage on the Web, WebP files are preferable than PNG files. We have discussed several advantages of WEBP over PNG, please consider.

Quick Steps to Convert PNG to WebP

  1. Install and start PNG to WebP converter
  2. Add PNG files / folders into the software
  3. Select WebP from the list of export options
  4. Browse and select location for files and Save

WebP vs. PNG | Reason to Convert PNG File to WEBP

  • The file size is one of the most noticeable differences between WebP and PNG. WebP has much smaller file sizes, making it an excellent format for websites that require a large number of photos.
  • PNG only provides lossless compression, but WebP allows both lossy and lossless compression. Hence, WebP may achieve reduced file sizes while maintaining image quality, making it an excellent choice for Web use.
  • WebP and PNG support transparency; hence they are great for graphics and logos that require a translucent background. However, WebP provides superior compression for transparent images.

So here are the benefits of WEBP files over PNG files. Now, let’s take a look at the best solution to convert PNG image to WEBP.

How to Convert PNG Image to WebP in Photoshop?

Step1: First, open PNG image in Photoshop. You can accomplish this by selecting File > Open.

Step2: After you’ve opened your PNG file in Photoshop, go to File > Save As.

Step3: In the Save As dialog box, choose WebP from the Format dropdown choice. A menu with saving options for your WebP file will display.

Choose your preferences, then click Save. After you’ve chosen your desired settings from the list, click Save. Your PNG will be converted into a WebP file.

Note: It’s important to understand that when converting PNG to WebP in Photoshop, the image quality may suffer. Furthermore, WebP may not support all of the features of PNG format.

How to Convert PNG to WEBP without Photoshop?

You can only convert one image at a time with Photoshop and it’s a very time consuming process. To get around this limitation, you have to use PCDOTS Image Converter Tool. This application can easily convert PNG file to WEBP in bulk without losing quality. It is a Windows app available for free from the link below.
Download Now

This PNG to WEBP converter is all in one and offers various benefits. It has the ability to convert unlimited PNG files in a single process in just a few steps. We will now go through the steps to convert PNG image WEBP with the tool.

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A Detailed Guide to Convert PNG File to WEBP

  • First, download, install and launch the PNG to WEBP converter on Windows.
    download png to webp converter
  • Click the Open button and select PNG files from the drop-down menu. Choose the files or folder option to browse and import PNG files into the tool.
    click open button
  • Once all the PNG images have been imported into the tool, click Export and select WEBP.
    select webp saving option
  • Click Browse and specify the destination path for saving the resulting WEBP files.
    select location for files
  • Lastly, hit Save to easily convert PNG file to WEBP.
    convert png file to webp
  • The software will notify you once the conversion is completed.
    conversion complete

So, this is how you can convert PNG to WEBP using the software, which seems to be much easier than Photoshop. Now, let’s take a deeper look at the utility. We have described some of the features of the tool below and recommend you to check them out.

PNG to WebP Converter | Key Features

(1) PNG to WEBP converter provides a very basic and easy-to-use interface to convert PNG file to WEBP in bulk without losing quality.

(2) This application can convert a large number of images at the same time. The number of photos that can be converted at once is not restricted.

(3) PNG to WEBP converter offers mode to select PNG images: Choose Files or Choose Folders. You can select folder option to convert PNG to WEBP in bulk.

(4) This application comes in two versions: Free and Full. The free version only allows you to convert two items from each folder. The full version allows you to convert an unlimited number of photos at once.

(5) It has a built-in image viewer. It allows you to open and view PNG images before converting them to WEBP files.
view image before convert png to webp

(6) The PNG to WEBP converter allows you to choose your preferred location to save the files. You can choose a safe and easily accessible location to save the resulting WEBP files.

(7) The PNG to WEBP converter is a subset of the larger image conversion tool. Hence, you can also convert PNG file to JPG file, PNG to GIF file, and other formats with this tool.

(8) It is completely independent and does not require you to download additional applications or settings to convert PNG to WEBP transparent.

(9) It is a Windows compatible utility. It can easily convert PNG file to WEBP on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7 and any below edition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is WebP format?

A: WebP format that uses both lossless and lossy compression techniques to reduce image file size. It is designed to provide higher quality images in smaller file sizes compared to PNG formats.

Question 2: Why should I convert PNG to WebP?

A: Converting PNG file to WebP can significantly reduce the file size of your images while maintaining good quality. This can lead to faster website load times, lower data usage, and better user experience

Question 3: Is WebP always better than PNG?

A: While WebP offers better compression than PNG, the choice between the two depends on factors like image content and the level of detail. Photographs and complex images tend to benefit more from WebP, while PNG might be preferred for images with transparency or simple graphics.

Question 4: How do I convert PNG to WebP?

A: There is s free PNG to WebP converter available that can help you convert PNG file to WebP. Also, some image editing software like Adobe Photoshop offer easy conversion options.

In Conclusion

We have provided you great answers to the question “how to convert PNG file to WEBP in bulk without losing quality”. We have given you the two best methods. You can use Photoshop or the professional PNG to WEBP converter. However, Adobe Photoshop enables you to convert one image at a time while the tool can convert any number of images at a time.

You can get the PNG to WEBP converter for free from the link above. If you have any queries regarding the tool, feel free to ask us anytime.

Customer Reviews about the Software

“I’ve been using this PNG to WebP converter for a few months now, and it’s become an essential tool in my workflow. The conversion process is lightning fast, and the quality of the WebP images is impressive. Highly recommended!”  ~ Allen
“I own an online store, and image quality is critical for displaying products.” I started using this converter to convert PNG to WebP, and the results have been fantastic. Not only did it assist speed up my website, but it also made the graphics look just as crisp and vivid. I’m quite pleased with the results.”  ~ Bella
“I don’t have any technical knowledge, but this PNG to WebP converter made it a breeze for me to convert PNG file to WebP.” The interface is simple, and I appreciate that it shows a preview of the images before conversion. I’m pleased with the better user experience. “Two thumbs up!”  ~ David