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Convert PNG File to PDF Format for Free Windows

Do you want to include multiple PNG images in one file? If yes, PDF is a great option for you. We have described the best way to convert a PNG to PDF, as well as some of the advantages of doing so. Keep reading to uncover the best solution.

PDF files are the widely used read-only files. They can hold a large amount of data in a single page and are fixed in layout, so they will be the same no matter which application you use to open them. We’ve listed some of the advantages of converting PNG files to PDF below; please have a look.

Quick Steps to Convert PNG to PDF

  • Download, install and launch PNG to PDF converter
  • Browse and Import PNG Files or Folders into the tool
  • Click Export and select PDF from the list of saving option
  • Select location for output file and then click the Save button

Benefits of Combining PNG Files to One PDF File

One of the main reasons to convert PNG images to PDF is that they may store a lot of data in a single file. If you need to send a big number of PNG files, you must do so separately. You can also bundle them into a single Zip file, but this will create a barrier for the receiver who will need to unzip it.

In contrast, you could convert PNG to PDF and combine all of the images into one file. As a result, all of your image files may be seen on nearly any device with a single download.

How to Convert PNG File to PDF Free?

Windows users can truly convert PNG image to PDF free. Check out all of the procedures below to manually convert PNG to PDF.

  • Firstly; open the folder where your PNG(s) are saved.
  • Click to choose the image you need to convert to PDF.

(Tip: Press and hold the [ctrl] key to select more than one image)

  • Right-click the selected image(s) you want to print, then choose Print.
  • Set Microsoft Print to PDF as your printer from the Printer selection menu.

(Tip: At this point, you may also specify the paper size and quality of the upcoming PDF file).

  • Click the Print button.
  • Name your new PDF, select preferred location to save the files, then click the Save button.

So, here is how you may convert PNG file to PDF file. However, this procedure is unreliable and quite complicated. If you want a more simple way to convert PNG to PDF for free, you should absolutely consider our next method.

A Simple Way to Change PNG File to PDF

PCDOTS Image Converter is the best choice to convert PNG to PDF without losing quality. This application is very easy to use and can convert multiple PNG images into a single PDF file in one process. It is feature rich and provides you with multiple options or filters to apply and get the best possible results. You can click the download link below to get this PNG to PDF converter for free.
Download Now

We have described all the steps to convert PNG to high resolution PDF using the software. You can go through them one by one and learn how to use the tool accurately.

Step-by-step Instructions to Convert PNG Image to PDF

  • Download, install and run the PNG to PDF converter on Windows.
    download png to pdf converter
  • Click Open >> PNG Files >> Choose Files / Choose Folders. We suggest you select folder option to convert PNG file to PDF in bulk.
    choose png files or folders
  • Browse and import PNG images into the tool and then click the Export button and select the PDF.
    select pdf option
  • Click the Browse button and select the desired location to keep the resulting files.
    select location for resulting pdf files
  • Finally, click the Save button to convert PNG image to PDF.
    convert png file to pdf
  • The PNG to PDF converter will only take a few moments and once it is done you will be notified.
    png to pdf conversion completed

So, this is how you can change PNG to PDF automatically, which seems to be a lot easier. If you want to know more about the tool, you can take a look at some of the features we have described below.

PNG to PDF Converter | Basic Features

  • This application provides a very simple user interface to convert PNG file to PDF.
  • Provides two modes for selecting PNGs | Choose files / choose folders. The Folder option is best for uploading a large number of PNG files at once to the tool.
  • This PNG to PDF converter comes in a free version | Complete and free. The free version is best for you to get started with this tool.
  • It has a built-in image viewer tool. It allows you to check PNG images before converting them to PDF files.
  • This app is a comprehensive app that also allows you to convert PNG to PSD, PNG to SVG, PNG to AI, and more file formats.
  • It is completely standalone and does not require you to download additional settings to convert PNG to PDF for free.
  • It is a Windows compatible app and can be used on any latest and older versions of the Windows operating system.

In Conclusion

We have provided you manual and automatic way to convert PNG file to PDF. You can manually change PNG to PDF on Windows, but this method is a bit tricky. On the other hand, you can try the best PNG to PDF converter, which is easy to use and allows you to convert multiple images at the same time. You can review both of these methods and if you have any question regarding the tool, you can ask us anytime.