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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 10-Aug-2023 ~ Convert ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Convert PNG to PSD Format for Free on Windows

In today’s article we have discussed about the possible methods to convert PNG to PSD. We have also covered some of the benefits of PSD files over PNG. Keep reading.

PNG files cannot include multiple images; however PSD files can contain layered images. This allows you to modify numerous photos within a single file. Furthermore, for Photoshop users, having a strong understanding of the various editing tools makes dealing with PSD pictures much easier. We have discussed some of the advantages of PSDs, which you may find listed below.

Advantages of PSD Files over PNG Files

(1) The PSD format is one of the most powerful editing formats, especially for graphic artists who need a wide variety of features.

(2) PSD file may store a massive amount of image data, including several layers of different images or graphic components.

(3) PSD is vital for digital projects because they allow you to work across multiple layers, import and change various graphics, and deal with high-quality images.

(4) PSDs can store up to 30K pixels in height and width, meaning that they store a substantial quantity of color and image quality data given their dimensions.

So, these are some of the advantages of PSD files over PNG files. Now, let’s look at the best ways to convert PNG image to PSD.

How to Convert PNG to PSD?

PCDOTS Image Converter is the most widely used and efficient image converter software. It can convert a wide range of image file formats to many alternatives. It can batch convert PNG image to PSD files without any restrictions or requiring much effort from you. It is a Windows-based tool that supports all editions. Please utilize the free PNG to PSD converter link provided below.
Download Now

This application is totally self-sufficient and converts your image files without the use of any additional software. Read the detailed step-by-step instructions provided below to learn more about how the PNG to PSD converter software works.

A Step-by-step Guide to Convert PNG to PSD Free

  • Download PNG to PSD converter for Windows. Click the downloaded EXE file and install it. Finally, launch it to convert PNG image to PSD.
    download png to psd converter
  • After starting the tool, click the Open tab and then select the BMP Click the Choose Files or Choose Folders option to browse and import PNG images into the tool.
    choose png files or folders
  • After uploading all your files to the tool, you can preview them.
    preview png image
  • Now, you need to click the Export button and select the PSD file format from the list.
    select psd option
  • Browse and select a location to save the created files.
    select location for files
  • Finally, click the Save button to convert PNG to PSD.
    convert png to psd

The utility will notify you once all of the files have been converted. So, at this ease, you can convert PNG to PSD layer. If you want to learn more about the tool, please see the section below.

PNG to PSD Converter Software | Primary Benefits

(1) This tool is capable of converting multiple PNG files to PSD at the same time. It is not restricted in terms of the number of files that can be converted in a single operation.

(2) The tool gives you two options to choose PNGs to convert. You can choose an individual file or choose a folder to select a large number of images at once.

(3) You can preview images before converting them with this PNG to PSD converter. Once you send the files to the tool, you will be able to see a comprehensive preview of them.

(4) You will not have to save your images in a specific location when using the tool. You can browse and select where you want to save your resulting photos.

(5) The tool works with any Windows compatible device. You can convert PNG to PSD file on any version of Windows.

You may also use this software to convert PNG file to AI, PNG file to SVG, PNG file to GIF and other image formats.

(6) This BMP to PSD converter software is completely risk free. It ensures that the quality of the original images is maintained throughout the conversion process.

In Conclusion

We have offered you with the best possible method to convert PNG to PSD as well as the benefits of this conversion. The PNG to PSD converter software is a versatile application that can convert many photos at once. It is absolutely secure software and is available for free. You can download the free version of the tool from the link above and start testing it right away.

If you have any questions about the PNG image to PSD conversion process, you can contact us at any time.