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How to Convert MBOX File to DOC? Free Method

Summary: In this article, we will discuss how to convert MBOX file to DOC while preserving the email formatting. Here, you may discover a manual and automatic process to convert multiple MBOX email files to Word DOC file with attachments.

MBOX file is commonly used to archive and backup emails from different platforms. However, there come times when we need to convert an MBOX file to a universally accepted and readable format like DOC. Exporting MBOX to DOC solves multiple problems and brings you benefits which you can review below.

Why Should You Convert MBOX to DOC ?

  • Ease of Access: Unlike MBOX files that can be accessed through a specific Windows, or macOS email client, DOC files are easy to access. It can be accessed offline using MS Word or any word processing software.
  • Editing: If you want to edit your email for a specific professional reason, it’s best to edit it in DOC. DOC files are easier to edit and modify compared to MBOX mailbox file.
  • Easy to Share: Sharing emails in MBOX file is not preferable as people may not be able to open them easily. DOC files are easy to share because of their small size and people can read the content in them easily.

Manual Solution to Export MBOX to DOC File

Converting MBOX files to Microsoft DOC file is not easy and depends on the email client. In the manual solution, you need to use Thunderbird to complete the conversion. We will guide you through the entire process below and please review it.

  • First, if you haven’t already, you need to download and setup Thunderbird.
  • Then open the application and install ImportExport extensions.
  • Then import your MBOX files into Thunderbird in a separate folder.
  • Now, Right-click on the MBOX folder, and select Export all messages in the folder.
  • Select the EML option from the menu.
  • Select the location to save the resulting files and click the “Export” button.

Once all files are saved as EML, you can open them in any Text editor and copy and paste the content into an MS Word file.

So, this is how to convert MBOX file to DOC with the help of manual solution. This method is completely free but has some limitations which you can review below.

Limitation of the Manual Method

  • You must have high technical knowledge to follow the steps as you need to install multiple ads-ons.
  • You will need to convert MBOX to EML and then copy and paste the content which is time consuming and hectic process.
  • There is a risk of losing formatting as you will need to copy and paste each content.
  • Downloading an additional email client and setting it up for a single task is useless and unnecessary.

Do you worry about the limitations of the manual method? Don’t worry because we have a great alternative for you. Please review it and then decide which technique you want to follow.

Fast Way to Convert MBOX File to DOCĀ 

MBOX Converter Tool is a smart and feature-rich application to convert MBOX to Doc. This software is completely standalone and does not require downloading and setting up any additional email client. It is also safe to use because it maintains the email formatting during the conversion process. With this app you can convert MBOX to Text, which you can easily save as MS Word file manually.

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This automatic tool can convert MBOX email into a DOC file with all attachments and other metadata properties like headers. You can download the tool from the above button and use it for free at first and try to test its capabilities.

Why Smart Tool Over Manual Method?

  • With the manual solution, you need to use Thunderbird, while the MBOX to DOC converter is completely standalone.
  • The tool allows you to convert MBOX to DOC with attachments, headers and other metadata elements.
  • This tool is easy to use and does not require higher technical knowledge.
  • It also allows you to open MBOX files before converting them to DOC file format.
  • It is an all-in-one tool that also allows you to convert MBOX to PST and multiple other formats.

In Conclusion

Converting MBOX to DOC is useful for many people, but starting this conversion is not easy and straightforward. In the above content we have tried to make this process understandable and easier for you. We have provided you with a manual solution that is rather complicated and requires higher technical knowledge from you

We also brought you MBOX to DOC converter which overcomes the limitations of manual method and provides you an easy process to convert MBOX file to DOC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why should I convert MBOX to DOC?

Converting an MBOX file to DOC makes it easier to access the data without using a specific email client. It is also useful for archiving and backing up emails in MBOX.

Q) Are there any challenges in converting MBOX to DOC?

Yes, there are some challenges like not being able to retain the email formatting, and attachments have to be handled separately.

Q) How to keep original formatting when saving MBOX emails to DOC file?

Maintaining accurate formatting can be the biggest task during the conversion process. Saving emails in HTML format before converting to DOC can help you maintain the format.

Q) How to export MBOX to DOC for free?

Using a free and open source email program like Thunderbird is the best and free way to convert MBOX file to Doc.

Q) How do I automate the conversion process from MBOX to DOC?

Only third party software can automate the conversion process and PCDOST MBOX to DOC Converter is suitable for it.