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How to Convert JPG to TIFF in 5 Simple Steps Without Losing Quality?

Overview: If high quality photographs are what you desire, turn back on your JPGs and start utilizing TIFFs instead. We will lead you through a 5-step approach to convert JPG to TIFF in bulk without sacrificing quality in this article. Begin sliding the page right now to get your best picture conversion solution.

While both JPG and TIFF are picture formats, they differ significantly in many aspects. While JPG files are smaller and easier to share, TIFF files are recognized for their excellent quality photographs. We’ll go through some of the benefits of TIFF over JPG and how you may profit from this conversion.

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JPG vs. TIFF | Reason to Use TIFF over JPG

The JPG format employs lossy compression, which means that part of the initial photo data is lost during compression, resulting in a perceptible loss in picture resolution. TIFF pictures, on the other hand, employ lossless compression to maintain image data. Because of their high quality, they are an excellent choice for any digital editing task.

Transparent image components, such as concealed logos or watermarks, are supported by TIFF files but not by JPG files. The short-lived JPEG 2000 file format, which appeared in the late 1990s, did feature transparency, although it is no longer widely used.

In cases where it comes to printing images or even billboards, a TIFF file is an excellent choice for high-quality printing. TIFF is also a versatile format, supporting both lossy and lossless compression.

How to Convert JPG to TIFF?

Using an Image Converter Tool is one of the best ways to convert JPG image to TIFF format. With this tool, you may quickly and accurately convert an unlimited number of JPG files into TIFF files without sacrificing image quality. It is an offline solution that secures your photos and doesn’t keep them around for a long time. You can get this JPG to TIFF converter app for free by clicking the button below.
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This JPG to TIFF converter free is simple to use and allows you to convert JPG file to TIFF in 5 simple steps. To assist you assess the tool’s functionality, we’ll guide you through each of those five actions. Continue reading so.

How to Convert JPG File to TIFF Format 5 Simple Steps?

  • Download JPG to TIFF converter software on Windows device. Install and run it to convert JPG to TIFF free.
    launch jpg to tiff converter
  • Click the Open tab on the menu bar. Next, select the JPG Files and click the Choose Files or Choose Folders option.
    select jpg files
  • Browse and import JPG files or folders in the software and then preview.
    preview jpg files
  • Click the Export tab on the menu bar and select TIFF as the save option.
    select tiff saving option
  • Click the browse button to select the desired location to save the resulting files to. Finally, click on the Save button to convert JPG to TIFF high quality.
    convert jpg to tiff free

It will just take a few seconds, and the program will notify you when the JPG to TIFFF conversion is complete. So, in 5 simple steps, that’s how you can turn a JPG file to a TIFF file. If you want to learn more about the tool, please read the features listed below.

JPG to TIFF Converter Software | Primary Traits

(1) It is simple to use software that has been developed with the simplest user interface imaginable.

(2) This JPG to TIFF Converter allows you to convert multiple JPG files to TIFF at the same time.

(3) This program is absolutely safe to use and can convert JPG file to TIFF without sacrificing quality.

(4) It gives you two options for importing JPG photographs into the pane. You can choose between JPG files and folders. Select the folder option to convert JPG to TIFF in bulk.

(5) This JPG to TIFF converter free allows you to preview the photos before converting them.

(6) This program combines the ability to convert JPG to JPEG, JPG to PNG, JPG to WEBP, and several more image formats.

(7) It is a Windows-based application that can convert JPG image to TIFF on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and previous versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to Batch Convert JPG to TIFF?

  • Obtain, set up, and launch the JPG to TIFF Converter.
  • Browse for and add JPG files and folders to the tool.
  • Click the Export button and select TIFF from the list.
  • Choose the files’ destination directory and click Save.

Question 2: How many JPG files can the utility convert at once?

A: When converting a large number of photographs, the utility imposes no limitations. You may convert as many JPG photos as you wish at once.

Question 3: Can this utility help me with my requirement to convert TIFF picture files to GIF in addition to TIFF?

A: Yes. Our tool is all-in-one and can convert image files to a variety of file formats. You may use the software to convert JPG files to GIF, JPG files to AI files, JPG files to PDF, and other formats.

Question 4: Can I use my Mac to utilize this JPG to TIFF Converter?

A: Only Windows users may use the tool to convert JPG file to TIFF. Mac is not yet supported by it.

In Conclusion

We have provided you with the finest option to convert JPG to TIFF. The recommended JPG to TIFF converter is an offline and all-in-one solution to change JPG image to TIFF and a variety of other image formats. It is a free utility that you may get by clicking the link above. If you have any difficulties when using the tool or have any inquiries, please contact us at any time.