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How to Convert JPG to PNG in Photoshop? A DIY Method

If you have a large number of JPG files that you need to turn into PNG format, we can make it simple for you. We’ll guide you through how to quickly and simply convert JPG to PNG with or without Photoshop. We advise you to start scrolling down the page to turn JPG files into PNG free.

Although both JPEG and PNG are image file formats, there are various circumstances in which each can be used to its full potential. We have outlined a few considerations below to assist you understand in what scenario PNG are superior to JPG. Look them up.

Quick Steps to Convert JPG to PNG

  • Install, and launch the JPG to PNG converter.
  • Import JPG files / folders into the application.
  • Click Export and then choose PNG from the list.
  • Browse and pick location for output files and Save.

PNG Over JPG | Why & When

Joint Photographic Experts Group is referred to as JPEG or JPG. The JPG file uses “lossy” compression, which implies that the file quality suffers. However, compression does not always degrade image quality, at least not to the naked eye. JPEG images are ideal for digital photography and photos with intricate shading and hues.

PNG is an abbreviation for Portable Network Graphics. PNG uses “lossless” compression, which implies that the file quality stays constant before and after compression. Owing of the lossless compression, they are also ideal for line drawings, texts, and icon graphics, as even minor quality reductions can have an impact on these sorts of pictures.

PNG pictures are preferable over JPGs for screenshots because they allow you to view the graphics and text on the screen more clearly. Another advantage of PNG is that it enables for a fully translucent backdrop, which is useful for things like logo creation.

As you can see, there are some scenarios in which PNG outperforms JPG. Let’s get to our main issue, which is how to convert JPG to PNG.

How to Convert JPG File to PNG?

You can convert JPG to PNG with a transparent background in Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, and on a Mac using the Preview feature. We have detailed all three methods in detail below and ask you to read them for easy JPG to PNG file conversion.

Method 1: Convert JPG to PNG in Photoshop

Step 1: Upload the JPG photo in Adobe Photoshop, then select File > Export > Export As from the menu bar. On Windows, you can alternatively use the keyboard shortcut (Alt + Shift + Control + W).

Step 2: Now, on the right, there is a “File Setting” tab. Click the JPG option to see the alternative file formats available.

Note: This menu also allows you to modify the picture and canvas sizes. However, for the time being, we will simply concentrate on modifying the file format.

Step 3: Choose PNG as needed from the list of file types.

Step 4: Hit the Export option in the lower right-hand corner to turn your JPG image as a PNG.

Method 2: Change from JPG to PNG Using Microsoft Paint (Windows)

  • Open the JPG file with Paint: Locate the JPG file, right-click it, then select Open With > Paint.
  • Adjust image (optional): Make any necessary adjustments to the image, such as resizing or cropping.
  • Save as PNG: Go to File > Save As or Save As Type. Choose “PNG” as the file format, provide a name, and select a location to save the PNG file. Click “Save”.

Method 3: Save JPG as PNG Using Preview (MacOS)

  • Open a JPG file with Preview: Locate the JPG file, right-click it, then choose Open With > Preview.
  • Image Adjustment (Optional): If necessary, make any adjustments to the image using the tools provided in the preview.
  • Export as a PNG: Go to File > Export. In the Format drop-down list, select “PNG”. Choose a location and provide a name for the PNG file. Click “Save”.

These manual methods should cover a wide range of scenarios and preferences to convert JPG to PNG. Choose the option that best suits your needs and the software or tools you have available.

You may convert JPG to PNG transparent using these free manual methods. Consider some of the following points before moving further with these strategies, though.

Things to Consider While Converting JPG Files to PNG Manually 

  • To manually Save JPG image to PNG image, you must have Adobe Photoshop or Paint app.
  • You can only change one JPG file to PNG at a time. As a result, mass JPG to PNG conversion is not possible.
  • When using Paint or Photoshop to convert JPG image into PNG format, you may lose some of the original image resolution.

If you believe converting JPEG files to PNG in Photoshop or MS Paint is too time consuming and hectic, consider the following method.

How to Convert JPG to PNG in Bulk? An Expert Recommendation 

Image Converter Tool is one of the best and most competent tools to convert JPG image to PNG with full transparency. This tool can easily overcome the drawbacks of the manual technique. It can convert JPG file to PNG in bulk while preserving picture resolution. It is a free JPG to PNG Converter for Windows that you can get from the URL provided below.
Download Now

Follow the instructions below to have a better grasp of the application and how to turn a JPG file to PNG with transparent background with it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change JPG Image to PNG Image

  • Download, install and run the JPG to PNG converter on Windows.
    launch jpg to png converter
  • Click the Open tab, then select JPG File, and then select the Choose Files or Choose Folders option.
    select jpg file option
  • Once all the JPG files have been imported into the tool, click the Export button and select PNG.
    select png saving option
As shown in the picture above, the tool provides a variety of saving choices. As a result, whether you need to convert JPG images to PSDJPG to AI, or another format, this software comes in handy.
  • Click the Browse button to select the location of the output files and then press the Save
    click save to convert jpg to png

Therefore, using the tool to convert JPG to PNG looks to be much easier than doing it manually. If you want to understand more about the free JPG to PNG Converter tool, read on.

Key Traits of the JPG to PNG Converter Tool

(1) It is totally self-contained and does not require Photoshop to convert JPG to PNG.

(2) It has a basic interface, so even non-technologists may use it without difficulty.

(3) It can convert JPG file to PNG in bulk without slowing down the operation or displaying any errors.

(4) It allows you to preview photos before converting them to PNG format.
preview jpg images

(5) It is a multi-purpose tool that can convert JPG to JPEG, JPG to TIFF, JPG to SVG, and other file types.

(6) It is a Windows-specific software that works on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and earlier versions.

Frequently Asked Question

Question 1: Can i batch convert JPG to PNG in Photoshop?

A: You must change each image separately since the Photoshop app does not let you convert several JPEG files to PNG at once. However, you may use the JPG to PNG Converter to change files in bulk.

Question 2: Can I use the software to convert JPG files to another picture file format?

A: Yes, our application supports more than ten different picture file formats. It can simply convert JPG files to GIF files, JPG files to WEBP files, JPG files to BMP files, and more formats.

Question 3: Is the software compatible with Mac?

A: The tool allows you to convert JPG image to PNG on Windows only. It does not currently support the Mac operating system.

Question 4: What are the greatest uses for PNG files?

A: PNG files are a wonderful image format for logos, graphics, and any type of picture for layering since they can provide translucent backgrounds.

Question 5: Why should I use the software if I can convert JPG to PNG in Photoshop?

A: Photoshop can only convert one JPG file at a time to JPG. If you have huge JPG files, the Photoshop method may be time-consuming. In contrast, the software can batch convert JPG to PNG, which saves time.

In Conclusion

We have provided you with the finest methods to convert JPG to PNG. The first technique asks you to use Photoshop to convert JPG image to PNG, while the second is completely independent of any other tool. You may go over both methods above and begin converting your JPG photographs to PNG right now.

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