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How to Batch Convert BMP to EPS for Free?

Summary: Do you need to convert BMP to EPS? Are you seeking for a secure offline conversion method? If yes, this post will be useful to you. You may examine a thorough step-by-step explanation on how to batch convert bitmap files to EPS. So let’s get going.

Easy Steps to Convert BMP to EPS

  1. Download and start BMP to EPS converter.
  2. Add BMP images into the application pane.
  3. Click Export and select EPS from the options.
  4. Select location for resulting files and click Save.


  • Despite being surpassed by more current file formats such as PDFs, EPS files continue to serve as a legacy format that is compatible with practically all systems and applications.
  • The EPS format is great for picture scaling. The resolution of EPS files stay good even when stretched or blown up to greater dimensions.
  • Image data in EPS format benefits from lossless compression. This guarantees that the image quality stays excellent even when the file is compressed.
  • Most current professional printers can handle EPS files with ease, making them an excellent alternative for bigger print projects.

These therefore are some of the benefits of EPS files over Bitmap ones. Let’s now examine the method to convert bitmap to EPS file.

How to Convert BMP to EPS | (Free and Manual)

There are basically two ways to convert BMP file to EPS manually. You may ether use the  Adobe Illustrator or the free and open source inkscape vector graphics editor. We have listed all the steps of using both the software, please read them.

Note: You may notice that using manual methods (Adobe Photoshop and Inkscape) only allows you to convert one image at a time. So, if you have a large number of files to convert, you should consider the professional BMP to EPS converter instead of the manual method.

Method 1: Convert BMP File to EPS in Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator is a professional graphic design software that supports BMP and EPS formats. You can use it to open a BMP file and then save it or export it in EPS format.

  • Open Adobe Illustrator.
  • Go to File > Open and select the BMP file.
  • Once the file is open, go to File > Save As or Export.
  • Choose “EPS” as the file format and configure any additional settings if needed.
  • Click “Save” or “Export” to create the EPS file.

Method 2: Convert BMP Image to EPS with Inkscape:

Inkscape is a free and open source vector graphics editor that can be used to convert BMP to EPS.

  • Open Inkscape.
  • Go to File > Import and select the BMP file.
  • Once the image is imported, go to File > Save As.
  • Choose “Encapsulated PostScript (*.eps)” as the file type and configure any options.
  • Click Save to convert and save the BMP as an EPS file.

An Easiest way to Convert BMP Images to EPS?

You must use Image Converter Software to bulk convert BMP files to EPS. This freeware is unlike any other online BMP to EPS converter. Unlike the Web-based application, which requires your email account and retains your photographs even after the conversion is complete; our system-based program is fully safe and does not require your email credentials or store your images.
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This BMP to EPS Converter is simple and free to use, allowing you to convert a bitmap to an EPS file in just a few simple steps. We have provided a thorough set of actions you must take to utilize the tool, which we recommend you review.

A Detailed Manual to Convert Bitmap File to EPS for Free

  • Download, install and start the BMP to EPS converter on Windows.
    download bmp to eps converter
  • Click the Open button >> BMP files >> Choose files or choose folders.
    select bmp files or folders
  • Once all selected BMP images appear in the tool, you preview them.
    preview bmp images
  • Click the Export tab and select EPS from the drop-down list.
    select eps saving option
  • Now, hit the Browse button and select the destination to keep the output files.
    select destination for files
  • Finally, click the Save button to convert BMP to EPS files.
    convert bmp to eps
  • The conversion process will only take a few moments, and once it is finished, you will be notified. You can then click the Open Folder button to access the resulting files directly from the tool.
    access output files

So, here is how you may use the program to convert Bitmap to EPS, which appears to be much easier. Check out the features of the tool below to see why it is ideal for you.

BMP to EPS Converter | WHY?

(1) This application provides a simple user interface to convert bitmap to EPS

(2) This tool is far more safe than any online BMP to EPS converter. It does not request your email address, and it keeps your photographs for a longer period of time.

(3) The utility can batch convert BMP to EPS files. Therefore, to save time, you may load an unlimited number of photographs into the tool and convert them all at once.

(4) The app comes with a built-in image viewer tool. You may have a detailed preview of the BMP images in the tool before converting to EPS files.

(5) This BMP to EPS converter is a subset of the Image Converter Tool. This tool can convert a wide range of picture files to numerous formats, including

(6) BMP to EPS Converter is a Windows-only application that can convert bitmap to EPS on any previous or current version of the Windows operating system.

(7) It is completely independent and does not need you to install any third application to convert BMP to EPS

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I use Adobe Photoshop to open an EPS file?

A: You can open EPS files with Adobe Photoshop, but the picture will be rasterised, which means it won’t be editable anymore.

Question 2: Why do I need to convert BMP to EPS?

A: Converting BMP to EPS can be useful when you want to preserve image quality for printing or when working with vector-based graphics applications that require high-quality, scalable images.

Question 3: Why should I use system-based software rather than an online BMP to EPS converter?

A: The majority of online BMP to EPS converters are not safe and may modify or leak your photos. Our software is system-based and allows you to control the entire process. You don’t have to risk losing your images by uploading them to the Web based tool.

Question 4: How many BMP files can I convert at once to EPS?

A: You can convert unlimited bitmap files to EPS with our all-in-one software.

Question 5: Is BMP to EPS Converter Safe to Use?

A: Our application to convert BMP to EPS is absolutely safe. It maintains the image quality throughout the conversion process and offers you the best results.

Question 6: Are there alternative vector formats besides EPS that I can use?

A: Yes, other vector formats such as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and PDF (Portable Document Format) are commonly used for vector graphics. The choice depends on your specific needs and software compatibility.

In Conclusion

You must use the finest BMP to EPS Converter if you want to batch convert BMP to EPS without losing quality. This recommended tool is simple to use and far superior to any internet converter. You may get it from the page and use it for free. If you have any questions about the tool or how to use it, please contact us at any time.

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