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How to Convert BMP File to JPG | Top 3 Solutions

If the BMP file is too huge, it is an excellent choice to convert it into a JPG file. JPG or JPEG files are the standard file format that may be compressed and made as tiny as necessary. If you’d also want to convert BMP file to JPG, you can find a detailed tutorial on doing so below.

JPG is the best format for storing several photographs due to its very tiny size. We’ve all had the problem of wanting to capture every memorable event in our lives. This is fantastic, but it means that most of us will have an excess of photographs stored on our smartphones.

As a result, having these photographs saved as JPGs saves storage space and is a win-win situation. Many images may be stored without taking up a great deal of room while maintaining image quality!

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How to Convert BMP File to JPG?

There are three techniques to convert BMP to JPG. You can use the Microsoft Paint application, Adobe Photoshop, or professional offline software. All of these methods serve various purposes and give different benefits to consumers. Examine each method to convert BMP image to JPG one by one.

Convert BMP to JPG with Microsoft Paint 

  1. Open Paint first, then your BMP file.
  2. Next, select File, then Save As.
  3. Click on the tiny menu icon in later versions of Paint that include the ribbon interface.
  4. Choose JPEG as the file format from the Save as type option.

That is all there is to convert BMP file to JPG with MS Paint.

Convert BMP Image to JPG with Adobe Photoshop (Windows)

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop on your device
  2. To open your BMP file, go to File >> Open… and choose it.
  3. Choose File >>Save As
  4. Change the file type in the Save As edit box to JPEG (*.JPG;*.JPEG). Then, save the file.
  5. Set the Quality to High. Select OK to convert BMP to JPG.

If you are using a computer or device that does not have Paint or Adobe Photoshop installed, there are additional methods that we will discuss below.

Batch Convert BMP to JPG with Professional Solution

One of the finest ways to convert BMP file to JPG file for free is with PCDOTS Image Converter Tool. This application readily overcomes the limitation of manual solutions. Unlike manual approaches, it allows you to convert an unlimited number of BMP files in a single cycle. It is fully secure and capable of converting BMP to JPG without sacrificing quality.
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We have created a thorough tutorial to assist you in comprehending how the tool functions. You should follow all the instructions to quickly ascertain the tool’s working.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use BMP to JPG Converter

  • Download, install and run the BMP to JPG Converter on your device.
    download bmp to jpg converter
  • Click the Open tab and then select the BMP.
    select bmp file
  • After you’ve uploaded all of your files to the BMP to JPG converter, you may preview.
    preview bmp files
  • Click the Export tab and choose JPG as your saving choice.
    select jpg saving option
  • Select a location to save the output files. Click the Save button to convert BMP file to JPG.
    convert bmp file to jpg

You only need to adhere to these procedures in order to convert BMP to JPG. To assist you learn more about the tool, we’ve listed some of its most crucial features; have a look at them.

Key Traits of the BMP to JPG Converter Tool

(1) This tool can convert multiple BMP files to JPG at the same time. The number of BMP images that may be converted at the same time is not restricted.

(2) You have two choices for picking images for conversion when using the tool. You can choose a single BMP file or whole directories containing a huge number of BMP files.

(3) Using the BMP to JPG converter, you may inspect JPG images before converting them.

(4) When utilizing the tool, you will not be forced to save your images in a pre-defined spot. You can navigate to the location where you wish to keep your critical output files.

(5) The tool is compatible with any Windows-compatible device. You may convert BMP file to JPG file on any version of the Windows operating system.

(6) The BMP to JPG converter is completely risk-free. It ensures that the original’s quality is maintained and that nothing is modified throughout the conversion process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why should I convert BMP file to JPG?

A: BMP files are larger, and therefore not suitable for every situation. JPG files are smaller, and therefore easier to share and keep. JPG files are best for photography.

Question 2: Can I batch convert BMP to JPG in Photoshop?

A: Adobe Photoshop only allows you to convert one image at a time. You cannot convert BMP to JPG in batch in Photoshop.

Question 3: What is the best way to batch convert BMP to JPG?

A: Adobe Photoshop and MS paint do not support batch conversion of BMP images to JPG. Hence, using a professional BMP to JPG converter is required to convert files in batch.

Question 4: Can I convert BMP file to JPG on Mac?

A: The software does not support converting BMP to JPG on Mac. It can convert from BMP to JPG on Windows.

Question 5: Is BMP to JPG Converter Safe?

A: Yes. The suggested software to convert BMP to JPG is completely safe to use. It maintains the image quality throughout the conversion process and delivers you desired results.


We have provided three excellent methods to convert BMP file to JPG. You may either use MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, or the finest offline application to convert BMP to JPG. While the manual ways are not suitable for mass conversion, the tool is user-friendly, safe, and allows you to convert several photographs at the same time. Examine all of the ways and choose the one that works best for you.

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