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Learn How to Import vCard to Office 365 Account? Guide!

Richard ~ Published: 28-Apr-2022 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

In this blog, we will discuss the solution to import vCard to Office 365. There are lots of users on the Internet who are finding a solution to import multiple contacts and had also tried a lot of solutions but didn’t get the desired results.

It is a difficult task but me, as a part of the PCDOTS Team will try my best to give you the correct solution. We will discuss both the manual as well as the professional solution. Office 365 is a cloud-based email application client which is good for business purposes and has more security features. It basically comes with an online version of Microsoft Office Suite. So, it is better to import multiple .vcf to Microsoft 365

Manual Solution to Import vCard to Office 365

There is no direct manual solution for importing multiple files to Office 365 Account. But there is an indirect way in which we can easily perform this task.


  • You cannot import all kinds of .vcf files using this manual method.
  • The process is too long and you need to require to login into both Office 365 and Outlook.


  1. Open the Outlook application on your system and log in there with Office 365 Id.
  2. Click on the file icon>> Open >> Export >> Import/Export option to start the migration process.
  3. Click on Import .vcf file and click on the Next button.
  4. Select the .vcf file that you want to import and click Open.
  5. You can go to the Contacts option and see the upload Contact folder.
  6. Now, sign in to Office 365 with the same email ID.
  7. Click on the Contact icon and you can easily see the contacts displayed there.

Professional Solution to Import Multiple VCF to Office 365 Account

In the professional solution, we basically use the software, VCF Converter Tool to import a bulk number of files to Office 365 account. Users can easily import a large amount of data without losing any kind of information within a single attempt. The solution which I am going to tell you about will not lead to any technical problems.

Using this software, users can easily import multiple .vcf contacts to O365 in a proper format and a well-organized manner. The tool is flexible to use and provides the simplest GUI that makes users easily understand the software.

Download Now

Steps to Import vCard contacts to Microsoft Office 365:

  •  Run this given tool in your existing Windows OS system and click on the Open Menu.

    run the software

  • Choose vCard files >> Select files/folders and Upload the data. See the preview of all the data on the screen.

    vcard files

  • Choose the required data from which you want to import .vcf contacts to O365.

    vCard files to office 365

  • After that, click on the Export button and choose Office 365 as an Email Service.

    export vCard

  • Enter the correct login credentials of your Office 365 Account to complete the proper migration process.

    login details of office 365

  • Click on the Save button and see the resultant message. After that, you can see the resultant data in your account.

    save result of vcard to office 365

Therefore, this is the complete process of importing multiple VCF files to Office 365 and if you want to know more then, you can continue with our guide page to convert vCard data.

Applications of the Given Software

  1. The Software is a multi-tasking tool and can perform multiple operations within a single attempt. It can easily import multiple files along with the email elements in a single attempt.
  2. You can easily export the files into different file formats like vCard to PDF, vCard to PST, vCard to CSV, HTML, Text, and also in other Email services like Gmail, Thunderbird, and IMAP.
  3. It is the choice of the user to select either the files or folders according to his requirements.
  4. Users can also extract email addresses and phone numbers separately according to their needs.
  5. Also, you don’t need to do any other installation with this software.

How to import multiple .vcf files to Office 365?

  1. Run the mentioned utility.
  2. Upload the needed vCard files.
  3. Select the required contacts.
  4. Go to Export >> select Office 365.
  5. Enter login credentials of your account.
  6. Get the resultant data.


Therefore, we understood the proper solution of importing vCard to Office 365. It is a difficult task but still it becomes easy after using this software, it is less time-consuming and also didn’t require much effort. Although, there are multiple solutions available on the Internet I suggest you continue with this utility to bulk import multiple .vcf files to Office 365 account.