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Richard ~ Published: 29-Apr-2022 ~ Software ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Transfer Email from Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail?

Do you want a perfect way to transfer email from Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail? If your response is yes, then this blog is perfect for you and explains how to import the entire data in batch mode. After reading this blog, you can easily get the needed results with 100% accuracy.

Within the last few days, we had also received a lot of queries and while studying the technical forums, this is one of the major queries that arise from Thunderbird users. We will discuss the complete step-by-step guide to importing Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail. Let’s take a real-life scenario to know the circumstances of the users while transferring the emails.

User Query

Recently, I upgraded my Windows editions from XP to Windows 10. To handle data there, there is a default mail app that allows users to manage their personal and professional data same as other email applications. Usually, I use Thunderbird as an email client to store all of my information. After interacting with the Windows 10 Mail App I want to import from Thunderbird. But I have no idea how can I transfer email and other data without losing any data.

If you are in such trouble then, read the entire blog carefully and apply all the instructions mentioned below.

Transfer Email From Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail

There are multiple scenarios where users need to switch to Windows 10 Mail but there is no direct manual way to transfer the emails and other data items such as contacts, calendars, and address book.

Therefore, we suggested Thunderbird Converter software for your essential email files.  It is a reliable method that allows users to import emails along with attachments directly. Moreover, the utility comes with several advanced features that allow users to get better results.

This Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail App Import Tool can do the bulk transfer of data without affecting the original structure throughout the conversion process. Just download the tool for free of cost and continue with the process.

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Steps to Import Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail

First, we transfer all the Thunderbird emails to Office 365 account through the mentioned software. Thereafter, we can easily add that account to Windows 10 mail. So that, the user can access all emails including attachments. Follow the steps below:

Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail Import App

  •  Then, go to Desktop Email Client and choose Thunderbird then select a suitable option to load Thunderbird emails to the panel.

upload thunderbird files

  •  The software shows all of the email files on the software screen. Pick the required email and see the full overview of the chosen email message.

select the needed emails to import into windows 10 mail

  •  Next, select Gmail from the drop-down list and press the Export button to transfer emails.

Export option

  •  Finally, enter the right Gmail account login information and press the export button.

Thunderbird to Gmail

  • Now it will take some time and display a prompt message on the screen. Now you can access all the emails in your account successfully.

successful conversion

The next step to move forward is connecting Gmail with Windows 10 Mail. Now, you need to follow the below steps to transfer the emails.

  • Open Windows 10 Mail and Click on the Add Account Option.

transfer email from thunderbird to windows 10 mail

  • Now, choose Google from the drop-down list.
  • Enter your email address and click Next.
  • Thereafter, enter the password and verify the confirmation code, click Next.
  • Allow all required options and see all your  data in Windows 10 WebMail App.

So, this is the complete process to import the data.

Features of Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail Import App

  1. The app allows users to transfer mailboxes to Gmail accounts in bulk.
  2.  For data uploading into the GUI, it comes with two file selection options. You can upload the data using files and folders option.
  3. Only chosen Thunderbird emails can be transferred with attachments according to the user’s convenience.
  4.  No matter how much data you have in your Mailboxes, the app will easily and efficiently transfer them.
  5. The software has a user-friendly interface that is both basic and interactive. It may be used by a professional or non-technical person to transfer email Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail.
  6.  It operates smoothly on all Windows OS versions, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and earlier versions.

Final Words

In this blog, we have provided a simple solution for users to transfer email from Thunderbird to Windows 10 Mail. It offers a complete process to import the data including Thunderbird addresses, attachments, contacts, and more. A FREE Demo version of the tool is also available for Thunderbird emails. You will import 25 emails from each folder to Windows 10 Mail App in the trial version.