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Get Email Statistic Report from Outlook – A Comprehensive User Guide

Overview: Need to get Outlook email statistics report? If so, keep reading this informative blog.

Email statistics reports refers to the analytical data related to our email usage. There are many reasons why users might need Outlook email statistics reports. Some of them will be mentioned below.

Why We Need to Get Email Statistic Report from Outlook?

  • For the Performance Monitoring: In order to track and analyze the performance of Outlook email account.
  • Productivity Assessment: To access your own or your team’s productivity in terms of email management. It helps you identify areas for improvement.
  • For the Time Management: Understand how much time is spent on email-related activities.
  • Communication Patterns: Outlook email statistics reports can reveal communication patterns to help you understand who you communicate with most often.
  • Compliance and Record Keeping: In the some cases, for Compliance and Record Keeping needs, users require to keep track of their email activities.
  • For the Security and Threat Detection: Outlook email statistics reports can also help you identify unusual patterns.
  • Improvement of Communication Strategy: By analyzing Outlook email statistics, users can easily improve their communication strategies. Easily analyze which types of emails are most effective.

That said, Outlook email statistics reports can provide valuable insights into your communications, productivity, and efficiency.

Now let’s see how to get email statistics report in Outlook. So, without wasting time, let’s find a solution.

What Are the Best Ways to Get Outlook Email Statistic Report?

To get email statistics reports in Outlook, you can use various built-in and professional software. We will provide some of them in the text below.

  • Email Analytics Add-ins: Explore the Outlook add-ins or plugins developed for the email analytics. Plugins can help you to get the insights of your email activities.
  • Outlook Message Tracking Solution: MS Outlook has a built-in message tracking feature. When you send an email, you can request a read receipt or forwarding. Please note that recipients can choose whether or not to send a receipt.
  • Outlook Read Receipts: You can easily enable the read receipts option in your MS Outlook application. Receipts tell you when an email message is opened.
  • Outlook Delivery Reports: For the Exchange users, you can track email delivery status using the Delivery Report option. You can view shipping information by right-clicking on an email in your Sent folder and selecting Tracking.
  • Microsoft 365 Admin Center: If you’re an administrator, you can easily generate email usage reports, including the number of emails sent and received.

Last But Not the Lease, Professional Outlook Email Statistic Analyzer Software

PST Reporter Tool is a highly rated, reliable and easy solution to get email statistics reports in Outlook application. This application has been developed so that all types of users can get their reports without facing any type of problem. This advanced software allows you to easily analyze the number of emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and other data without losing any information. One of the best things about it is its very simple user interface. You can use this software on your own without any technical knowledge.

Step by Step Process to Get Outlook Statistic Report

  • First, download the software on your Windows computer and install it properly.
    Download Now
  • Launch the software and click on the Open button to start the process.
    click open button
  • Now select PST from the provided options and browse for the file.
    choose pst files
  • The application starts scanning the file and provides a detailed report.
    analyze outlook email statistic report

Now you can see the number of emails, contacts and other data.

That’s it. This is how Outlook email statistics report software works. Along with the easiest working process, this application offers several advanced features and amazing features that make the utility the best and unique.

Eye-Catching Features of the Software

  • Create Detailed Summary: The software easily generates a complete report on Outlook email activity such as received emails, sender, average reception time, sent emails, recipients, etc.
  • Count of Number of Emails: With this advance tool, you can easily count the number of sent and received Outlook email messages.
  • Show Numbers of Other Data: In addition to emails, this application also has the ability to display the number of Outlook contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and other items.
  • Check Breakdowns: Applications that provides Outlook email statistics reports easily display sending and receiving analytics.
  • Tried and Tested: This application is fully tried and tested. You will not see any type of data loss or alteration using this advanced software.
  • Export the Outlook Email Statistic Report: The software comes up with the Save As option. You can easily export the created report for the future analysis.
  • Show Size and Type: The software allows you to check the Outlook email size, type and location.

These are only a few features of the tool. When you start using it, you will see many more.

People Also Ask

How to get Outlook email statistics report by specific year?

To get a yearly email statistics report in Outlook, please follow these steps:

  • Browse your PST file in the software panel.
  • You will now see advanced settings options. Please click
  • Enter the date-range here and click Apply Filter.

Can I use this software to check top senders and top recipients’ details?

Yes, you can use this software to view details of top senders and top recipients.

Does the application is compatible with Windows 11?

Yes, you can use this software on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and below editions.

Can I use this software to check contact count in Outlook application?

Yes, with this software, you can easily check the number of Outlook contacts in easy steps.

If I don’t have Outlook application but have a PST file, can I still use this software to analyze my data?

Off course. You do not have to install Outlook application to get Outlook email statistic report.

The Conclusion

In the content above, we have discussed the Outlook email statistics report. Here we have explained what the report is and how to obtain it in various ways. It is suggested you to use the professional report to get email statistic report from Outlook without facing any type of issues.