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Richard ~ Published: 14-Jul-2023 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Import Emails from Mac Mail to Windows 10 Mail?

Most people using Mac Mail because of its fantastic operating system, hardware, and software services. Basically, people migrate from one pc to another very fastly because of the increase in technology. People also changed their systems from Mac to Windows. Users save all their data in their system but While migrating from one system to another, it becomes difficult for the user to transfer their mails, media, attachments, and other account data.

Migrating from Mac to Mac is still easy. But it is difficult to migrate data if you are migrating from Mac to Windows.

Then At the moment, what we basically do?
We start thinking, we start finding the solutions.
And If you guys are thinking that it is a difficult task. Then Trust me!! it is not.
In this blog, we will discuss how can we import our mails from Mac Mail to Windows Mail.

Two Methods of Importing mails from Mac Mail to Windows 10:

Method 1 Manual Procedure

Method 2 Automated Solution

Method1 Manual Procedure


  • It will take more time and efforts.
  • You will not be able to get all the data.
  • Bulk conversion of files will not be happened easily or it will lose more amount of data.

In this procedure, we can directly migrate mails from Mac Mail to Windows Mail.

  • Open Mac Mail and choose the folders or files you want to migrate.
  • Click on the Export button and choose Export Mailbox.
  • Save the resultant file from Mac Mail on your system.
  • Transfer the .mbox file on your Windows system.
  • Open the Windows 10 mail on another system and Import .mbox file from there.

Method2 Automated Solution

There are basically 2 steps of importing mails from Mac Mail to Windows 10 Mail:

Step1 Export .mbox file from MacMail

Step2 Import MBOX file to PST Format

Step3 Import pst file to Windows 10 Mail

Step1 Export .mbox file

  • Open the Mac Mail on your Mac system.
  • Click on Mailbox and Export Mailbox.
  • Create a folder to save the data or choose the existing folder.
  • Then, you can the resultant file on the destination.

Step2 Import .mbox to Window 10 mail

To import .mbox to Windows 10 mail, we need to continue with the Software PCDOTS MBOX to PST Converter that will easily help you to migrate mails From MAC mail to Windows 10 Mail. This software is helpful for those users who wants to migrate bulk of data from Mac Mail to Windows 10 Mail. This can be used by both the technical and non-technical users. Mac Mail Mailbox can be easily converted to Windows 10 Mail using this Software.

Download Now

  • Run the Software and click on the Open menu and choose MBOX Files.
    select mac mail mbox files
  • Import the downloaded Mac Mail files on the software and see the complete data preview.
    preview emails
  • Click on the Export them and click on the PST File format.
    select pst saving option
  • Click on the browse box and save the location. Click on Save button.
    import mails from mac mail to windows 10 mail
  • Once the process will be done, you will be able to see the successful message on your screen.
    successful conversion

Step3 Import PST file from Mac mail to Windows 10 Mail

  • Open the Windows 10 Mail Account, Click on the file menu.
  • Select the Import button and choose the .pst file from your system.
  • Click on the Next button and the conversion will start automatically.
  • After that, you can see the imported mails on your Windows 10 Mail.

Features of Mac Mail to Windows 10 Mail Converter

  • This Software is helpful for migrations of mails from Apple mail to Windows 10.
  • The PCDOTS MBOX to PST Converter also helps user to convert bulk of mails within a single attempt.
  • While exporting the MBOX file, the software enables the users to convert the file into different file formats.
  • The Software is compatible with all versions of Windows OS(Windows 7,8,10, Windows Vista and Windows XP).


We know that it is impossible to migrate emails from Mac Mail to Windows 10 mail directly. Fortunately, this Software helps us to migrate Mails without facing any consequences. This Software is easy to use and flexible for all users. For migrate of bulk mails, this software is very helpful.