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Richard ~ Published: 19-May-2023 ~ Software ~ 5 Minutes Reading

How to Import MBOX Files to Outlook Account Instantly?

In this article, we’ll show you how to import MBOX files to Outlook step by step. We’ve covered several techniques for migrating multiple files. We’ve also included information about specialized applications that can help you export the entire data along with emails and other data items.

MBOX file is a commonly used file format for storing emails. It saves text emails and encoded file attachments. It is also used by well-known mail clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, and Entourage. Due to its text-based nature, it has many benefits, such as wide support and easy message navigation. It is also a platform-based format. So, if you have to import files to Outlook for Windows, Then you have to make the files compatible with the Email Client. Therefore, read this article from the very first line to the end and grab all possible ways to import multiple MBOX files to Microsoft Outlook.

What is the Best Way to Import MBOX to Outlook?

MBOX to Outlook transfer can be done in two ways. Manually as well as automatically. Depending on your choice, you can choose the appropriate option to import multiple files. As per the user’s review, a manual process is a lengthy and time-consuming process. It also has some restrictions, which are not acceptable for our crucial emails.  Apart from this, it causes data loss while migrating a large number of files. So these are some valid reasons to go with the automatic method which is normally preferable to export MBOX data to Outlook.

How to Import MBOX Files to Outlook Manually

To manually convert the data, just follow these steps:

  • Set up an email account in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  •  Open Thunderbird and look for and install the Import Export Tools add-on.
  • Using Thunderbird’s add-on, import the MBOX file. To do so, go to Tools from the main menu (press alt to bring up the menu) > ImportExportTools > Import mbox file. Continue by importing the MBOX files into your Thunderbird account.
  •  Select all of the email messages by opening the MBOX file folder that appears on the Thunderbird interface.
  •  Right-click any of the selected messages and select Save selected messages > EML format from the context menu.
  • Using the Select folder button, create a folder to save all of the EML files.
  •  Drag and drop all of the EML files onto the Thunderbird interface to import them into Outlook.

Automated Approach to Import Multiple Files To Microsoft Outlook

 PCDOTS MBOX to PST Converter is one of the expert solutions to import multiple emails to Outlook. This is a multi-function utility with an easy-to-use interface that enhances your user experience when migrating the files.

The MBOX to Outlook Converter can easily import multiple data without losing a bit of information. It’s one of the most convenient applications to import the data without imposing any kind of size limitations. It also provides a filter search option to locate some required number of emails. Date Range Filter allows to carry out emails of a particular duration.

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Step-wise Process to Import Multiple Files to Outlook

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  • Download the recommended Converter on your Windows machine. After successfully installing and running the software, go to the Open tab to begin importing the data to the Outlook Windows process.

run mbox to outlook converter

  • To load MBOX files to the software screen, choose MBOX files from the drop-down list and select a suitable choice.

upload mbox files

  • Choose the MBOX files you’ll get a full preview of the email message you’ve chosen.

choose mbox files

  • Next, touch the Export button and select PST from the drop-down list as a file-saving choice to import the files.

select pst to import mbox

  • Choose where you want to save the resulting file to import the data.

enter location

  • Finally, press the Save button to begin importing, and in just a few minutes, you can see the successful prompted message on the screen.

import mbox to outlook

Key Features of the Software

  • The software includes advanced algorithms that allow users to import MBOX data with attachments.
  • The tool is built with high-tech features to increase the performance of the software.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that non-technical users can use to import multiple files
  • All MBOX files can be batch imported into the Outlook account with accuracy using this tool.
  • It is compatible with all previous as well as latest versions of the Windows operating system.
  • Also, it successfully supports all Outlook versions like Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.
  • With MBOX Converter Software users can easily export files into multiple other file formats such as PDF, EML Files, HTML files, CSV files, and other Email Services such as ProtonMail, Google Mail, Thunderbird, Microsoft 365, and other services.
  • You can also use it to extract email attributes such as MBOX file attachments, MBOX email IDs, and MBOX contact numbers individually. Email Addresses and phone numbers will download in the form of text file format.


If you want to import MBOX files to Outlook manually, you can do so by converting the file in stages on your own. However, it is an inefficient process with a high risk of data loss due to the intricacies involved. If the data in your mailbox is critical, then you should the given software to carry out safe and secure conversion results. This is because it is designed with one goal in mind to do the task as quickly as possible while maintaining data integrity.