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Two Different Solutions to Extract Phone Numbers From Outlook

Looking for a solution to extract phone numbers from Outlook? Then, read this entire blog and stay with us till the end. You will get the complete solution to your query and it is possible to extract not only some but multiple of phone numbers.

Outlook is one such Email Client that has been used by most large-scale as well as small-scale organizations. A particular business owner stores their entire data in their account. But sometimes, there is a need to save phone numbers for some business groups, at that time, it is not possible for users to extract Outlook phone numbers separately.

That’s the main concern for most users nowadays. Today, we have finally come up with one of the perfect solutions that allow users to extract multiple phone numbers.

User Query

“Hi, I am John. I am using Outlook for the last 2 years, and suddenly I lost all my phone numbers on my cellphone. So, I am thinking to save all the phone numbers present in my Outlook account. But if I store all phone numbers manually then it took a lot of time and effort. Is there any other solution present that can help me to extract phone numbers from Outlook?

Extract Phone Numbers from Outlook Manually

One of the manual solutions is present that is free and easy to use. But there you cannot be able to extract only phone numbers separately. Instead, you will get all the contacts from there. You can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Outlook >> File Menu.
  • Click on Open & Export >> Import / Export.
  • Choose Export to a File >> Next.
  • Then, CSV file >> Next.
  • Select contacts and enter your browsing location.

Then, click on OK. In just a couple of minutes, you will get the resultant CSV file including contacts and you can get your phone numbers from them.

Automated Approach to Extract Outlook Phone Numbers

It is better to use one of the best and highly professional utilities, the Outlook Converter Tool. This mentioned tool is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that can be easily utilized by all the users whether they are from novice backgrounds or from a technical background.

Other than that, just by configuring the account, the entire data will be automatically displayed on the screen. And, it is possible for users to extract multiple or even unlimited numbers of mobile numbers instantly from Outlook within a single attempt. It also provides advanced filter options to search for a particular email from the bulk of data using different intents.

Free Download the Outlook Phone Number Extractor Tool and start the extraction process.

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Complete Steps to Extract Phone numbers from Outlook

  • Launch and Install the given extractor tool in your existing system and go to the Open Menu.
  • Go to Desktop Email Clients, and configure your account there. Load the Outlook data directly on the screen.

run outlook phone number extractor tool

  • Select the required number of files or folders from which you want to extract mobile numbers.

select required files

  • Then, go to Extract Menu and select phone numbers from the list of elements.

extract phone numbers from outlook

  • Enter the destination location from where you want to extract and click on the Save button.

enter location and save

  • In just a couple of minutes, you can be able to see the resultant exported message on the screen.

extracted outlook phone numbers
Hence, by performing these simple steps, you can easily extract multiple Outlook phone numbers.

Key Aspects of Outlook Mobile and Phone Number Extractor

  1. Novices, as well as technical users, can easily operate this software without any kind of technical guidance.
  2. Load the data by just configuring the account automatically on the panel.
  3. Effortlessly extract email elements such as Outlook attachments, Outlook email addresses, and phone numbers from Outlook separately.
  4. Selectively choose the required number of files or folders according to the needs and requirements of the users.
  5. Bulk Extraction will be done without any kind of loss of data and with maintaining the hierarchy.
  6. Users can easily choose the specific location where they want to store the data.
  7. Compatible to work on all the previous as well as the latest versions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and all other 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS.
  8. Does not need any kind of extra installation, and can work without any outside help.

The Verge

In Conclusion, just wanted to say that we had discussed the simple steps to extract phone numbers from Outlook. A lot of other solutions are already present but still, users will not be able to solve their issues. So, it is better to use this solution and carry out the phone numbers instantly in bulk quantity. For more information, you can anytime connect with our technical experts.