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Richard ~ Published: 12-Jul-2023 ~ Email Attachment Extractor ~ 3 Minutes Reading

How to Extract Attachments from SeaMonkey?

Extracting Attachments is one of the most difficult tasks nowadays, Because we have a lot of attachments saved in our mail account and obviously, they are so much important for all of us.

Also it’s a fact that attachments are more important rather than text because attachments contain more valuable information and we also require them for future purposes. So that’s why, it is good if you save your attachments in a particular area and whenever you need them then, you can take them from there.

Me, as a part of PCDOTS TEAM, will do my 100% to provide you the best solution with the desired results.

An Automated Way to extract attachments from SeaMonkey

The Software which makes your task more easier and perfect is PCDOTS Email Converter tool. It is an all-in-one solution which helps you to reach to your destination and can easily do your work in just a couple of minutes.The Software provides you more extra benefits and it is also useful for you. It also saves the user’s valuable time and efforts.

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Lets talk how it can help to extract attachments

Basically there are 2 steps to extract attachments:

Step1 export mailbox from SeaMonkeyStep2 extract attachments from SeaMonkey file

Step1 Export mailbox from SeaMonkey

  • Open the SeaMonkey Email client.
  • Click on the file menu and export mailbox.
  • Create a folder to save the mbox file.
  • Save the folder

Step2 Extract atatchments from SeaMonkey

  • Run the PCDOTS SeaMonkey Attachments Extractor on your system.
    run seamonkey attachment extractor
  • Click on the Open >> Desktop Email Client >> Select SeaMonkey Configured Account.
    select seamonkey configured account
  • You can see a complete preview of the SeaMonkey on the screen.
    preview seamonkey emails
  • Click on the extract button if you want to extract Attachments.
    select attachments option

Then, select a location for the output files and then click save button. The extraction process will be done in a couple of minutes and you will see a successful prompted message.


Auto Detection

The PCDOTS Email Converter tool will give you the permission to upload all the files at once. It can detect all the folders present in your account and you can upload all that folders at once.

Extract bulk of attachments

This is one of the main advantage of this software that the app will not stop you to work at any cost whether the file size is large whether they are more in numbers and any other thing. This will help to work continuously. This app will save you valuable time and efforts.

Display Preview

It will show you the complete data preview of the mails and it is the choice of the user to either or deselect any of the mail.

Actual Layout

The Software will give you accurate results with actual layout of the data. It also never loses a single bit of data whether you are extracting 1 or 100 attachments.


Whenever you want to extract attachments from SeaMonkey, you can easily use this Software to extract unlimited attachments, and also this Software will never lose a single bit of data and more your task easier and your work smarter.