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Richard ~ Published: 16-Dec-2021 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Perfect Solution to Extract Attachments From Postbox

If you are looking for a perfect solution to extract attachments from Postbox. Then, no need to go anywhere.

In this blog, we will give you a completely safe method to download attachments from Postbox.

Postbox is a widely used, email client. It also supports many MS Windows versions and Mac OS, Mac OS X. As well as, Postbox has many features, such as Google safe browsing, and email trackers.

Note:- If you only need to store a few attachments, there’s no need to use the software. You may easily save attachments from postbox using the manual method via the internet.

However, you should use a professional application, if you need to extract attachments for business purposes.

User Query

“Hi, I am searching for a solution to extract attachments from Postbox as I have a lot of documents stored in my account. I had also tried the manual method but it is possible to download one attachment at a time. Can someone help me for the same?”

Professional Method to Extract Attachments From Postbox

There are many options offered for users to extract attachments from Postbox. Experts suggest PCDOTS Postbox Converter Software as the best method.

Even though there are plenty of producers of this kind of software, not all of them give secure and easy conversion.

Without any kind of limitation and data loss, users can easily download bulk attachments in a portable file format such as PDF.

Download Now

Steps to Save Postbox Attachments

  • By clicking on the “Download” button, you can install the Postbox Attachment Extractor.

    run software

  • Go to the “Open” menu >> Postbox Accounts >> Choose files/folders.

    upload postbox data

  • After that, you can view a complete preview of the entire data. Click on the single email and see the content, then choose the required email from which you want to extract attachments.

    select the needed files

  • Press the “Extract” button, and select the email elements that you want to export.

    extract attachments from postbox

  • Enter the “Destination” location, where you want to save your data. And, click on the Save button.

    extract attachements from postbox

  • After that, wait for a couple of minutes and you will be able to see the final message.

    extract attachments from postbox

Therefore, this is the complete process to save multiple Postbox attachments within a single attempt without any kind of data loss. Press on the “Open Folder” and see your exported data.

Benefits of Postbox Attachment Extractor

  • You can save time and energy by using a utility that can export a large amount of data in a single procedure.
  • Before extracting the attachments, the user can see a detailed preview of them.
  • Not only can this software extract attachments from Postbox, but it can also export them to a variety of file types, including PDF, EML, PST, and HTML, as well as a range of email services, including Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird, and other IMAP email clients.
  • There is no need to install any additional software to save and export data.
  • You can download any attachments at the same time and obtain the same output.
  • Both technical and non-technical individuals may use and understand it.
  • Your information will never be misused because this tool is 100% safe and secure.

FAQs Related to Download Postbox Attachments

  1. Do I have to install any other application also?
    No, you only need to download a single application.
  2. How much time it will take to extract attachments?
    The amount of time taken to retrieve attachments depends on the number of attachments.
  3. Can I export multiple attachments from Postbox?
    Yes, you can save multiple attachments in a single process to PDF format.
  4. How many file formats and email clients support this software?
    This tool support many file formats and email clients, such as PDF, PST, Gmail, Office 365.

Final Words

The special software proves to be the most effective tool for extracting attachments from Postbox. Because it allows you to complete the task in the most convenient way possible.

It’s easy to use and ensures a pleasant journey. As a result, we strongly advise you to use this application to save multiple attachments from Postbox.