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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 13-Jun-2023 ~ Software ~ 5 Minutes Reading

How to Migrate Postbox Emails to Office 365 Account?


I’ve been using Postbox form a couple of months. However, because of the platform’s reliance, I can’t read any of my emails from anywhere. As a result, I’d like to transfer my Postbox emails to my Office 365 account. Could you kindly assist me, that how to transfer emails from Postbox to Office 365 accounts without causing any data loss? Please recommend a reliable solution to migrate Postbox emails to Office 365 account.

Cloud-based applications are in high demand these days, with most consumers and businesses preferring them over desktop-based services for personal and professional use. We’re also familiar with Cloud-based applications because of their adaptability.  As we know that, cloud-based services are one of the best services, which allow users to access according to their needs without any installation over the internet. Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Outlook.com, Exchange Server, MDaemon Cloud, Amazon WorkMail, Zoho Mail, Rediffmail, and others are few of the cloud-based services available for all users. So this is the reason to migrate Postbox Emails to Office 365.

Postbox is a desktop-based email client that allows you to manage your emails on your own computer. But, if we talk about the Cloud-based email application then we can say that cloud-based email applications are much better than others. So, if you are the one who wants to switch from Postbox to Office 365? Don’t worry we will take care of your all problems that’s why we are here. Today we will discuss the best method to solve your problem. So, this article will help you to transfer emails from Postbox to Office 365 account without any extra effort.

Best Solution to Migrate Postbox Emails to Office 365

A large number of users want to migrate Postbox to Office 365 account. Users may choose to move from a desktop-based Postbox email client to a cloud-based Office 365 account in a variety of circumstances. By transferring emails from Postbox to OWA (Outlook Web Access) you can save time and effort.

PCDOTS Postbox Converter is a professional solution to migrate emails from Postbox to Office 365 accounts. This Postbox to Office 365 conversion tool allows you to transfer all of your emails and attachments from Postbox mail to Office 365 / Microsoft 365 with one click. Download the free preview edition to learn more about the tool’s features and capabilities to migrate Postbox Emails to Office 365. It’s completely free and allows you to migrate the top 25 Postbox data products to Microsoft 365. Upgrade the license keys to allow unrestricted data transfer from Postbox to Office 365.

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How The Postbox to Microsoft 365 Migration Software Exactly Works?

Follow the mentioned steps in order to migrate emails from Postbox to Office 365 along with all email components.

  • Launch the Postbox Converter software on the current device and click on the Open button to migrate Postbox to Office 365.
    start the tool to convert postbox to office 365
  • In the software GUI, select the Postbox account from the drop-down list and upload the Postbox profile data files.
    select postbox profile data
  • The app will now show all email files on the software screen, allowing you to pick the appropriate email message and see a full preview of it.
    preview emails
  • Select Office 365 from the list of email providers by clicking the Export button to transfer Postbox Emails to Office 365.
    select office 365 saving option

To begin the Postbox to Microsoft 365 migration, enter your Microsoft 365 account credentials and press the Save button. So, this is how you can migrate Postbox emails to Office 365 account including all email properties.

Highlighted Features of Postbox to Office 365 Migration Software

  1.     The software enables the user to import multiple Postbox emails to Office 365 account with all email properties.
  2.     The tool supports selective conversion of Post box email file into O365 account.
  3.     The software provides dual option to choose Postbox emails from the folder or directly from the account.
  4.     The utility can easily run-able on all editions of the Windows Operating System.
  5.     Retain the original formatting and layout of the Postbox emails file throughout the conversion process.
  6.     It ensures the fastest and quick conversion result without any difficulty.
  7.     The mentioned software gives an interactive and user-friendly graphical interface.

FAQ’s related to Migrate Postbox Emails to Office 365

Can I download the Software on Windows 2000 Operating System?

Yes, you can easily download the software on Windows 2000 OS because it is a Windows-based utility.

Does the software impose size limitations during Postbox to Office 365 migration?

No, there is no size limitation on Postbox emails while Postbox to Office 365 migration process.

 How many Postbox emails can be imported to Microsoft 365 account using this software?

Using this software, users can import unlimited Postbox emails to Office 365 with a single operation.

Final Words

We’ve covered how to directly migrate Postbox emails to Office 365 (Microsoft 365) account in this article. This application can be used by anyone to export emails from Postbox to Office 365 without missing any data. The method has been thoroughly tested and found to be error-free. You should try out the free version right now and see all of the functionality it has to do. Please contact our technical support team if you have any more questions.