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How to Convert Convert PSD to TIFF in Batch | Top 3 Techniques

Summary: In the world of digital design and photography, being able to seamlessly convert PSD to TIFF is an essential skill. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, or just someone looking to maintain image quality, this blog will be your ultimate guide.

Both PSD (Photoshop Document) and TIFF (Tagged picture File Format) files are excellent formats for preserving picture data. While both formats are better suited for distinct contexts, converting PSD to TIFF can be essential or advantageous for a variety of reasons, which we will discuss below.

Quick Steps to Convert PSD to TIFF

  1. Install and launch PSD to TIFF converter.
  2. Add Photoshop files / folders into the application.
  3. Click Export and select TIFF file format from list.
  4. Select location for output and click Save
  5. Check the final output.

TIFF over PSD | Why

  • Preserve Image Quality: TIFF is a lossless format, which means it keeps all of the original image data without compression.
  • Compatibility: TIFF files are widely supported across various software applications and platforms. Converting PSD to TIFF ensures that your images can be easily opened, edited and viewed by different software.
  • Printing: Many professional printing services prefer TIFF files to produce high-quality prints. Converting PSD file to TIFF ensures that your printed materials, such as posters, brochures, and magazines, will have the best possible resolution and color fidelity.
  • Archiving: TIFF files are excellent for long-term archiving purposes. They store all image information, including layers, channels, and metadata.
  • Lossless Editing: If you anticipate making more edits to your image in the future, converting to TIFF and then back to PSD allows you to maintain the highest quality throughout the editing process without introducing compression drawbacks.

Converting PSD to TIFF is a strategic choice when you need to ensure the highest image quality and compatibility across different software and platforms. Now, let’s take a look at the best techniques to convert PSD file to TIFF.

How to Convert Photoshop File to TIFF? Some Manual Approaches

Converting a PSD file to TIFF manually involves using Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint. Here is a step by step guide to doing this with Adobe Photoshop:

  • Note: Make sure you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer before proceeding.

Convert PSD File to TIFF in Adobe Photoshop

(1) Open the PSD File:

  • Launch Adobe Photoshop.
  • Go to File > Open and select the PSD file you want to convert.

(2) Check Picture Settings:

  • Before convert PSD to TIFF, be sure to set the image dimensions, color mode (usually RGB or CMYK), and resolution according to your requirements. You can adjust these settings by going to Picture > Picture Size or Picture > Mode.

(3) Layers (optional):

  • If your PSD file contains multiple layers, and you want to keep them in a TIFF file, make sure the layers are visible and unlocked. The TIFF format supports layers, but they may not be editable in other programs.

(4) Save as TIFF:

  • Once you’re ready to convert, go to File > Save As.
  • In the dialog box, choose the location where you want to save the TIFF file.
  • Select “TIFF” from the Format drop-down list. You may see different TIFF options; Choose the option that best suits your needs (for example, Uncompressed TIFF).
  • Click the “Save” button.

(5) TIFF output confirmation:

  • Ensure that the TIFF file is saved correctly by locating it in the chosen destination folder.

By following these steps, you can manually convert PSD to TIFF file using Adobe Photoshop. Now let’s take a look at how you may do this conversion using MS Paint.

Convert PSD to TIFF in MS Paint

  • Open the MS Paint app on your Windows system
  • Click the File on the tab bar and select Open button
  • Select to the PSD file you want to convert and open it in the Paint
  • Then, click again on the File button and select Save As.
  • Rename your file as per your preference and change Save As to TIFF (*.tif, .*tiff)
  • Finally, click the Save button to save the PSD file as TIFF format.

So, these are the sole steps to convert Photoshop file to TIFF using MS Paint. Using Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint appears to be ideal options, but they have some downsides that you should consider.

Drawbacks of the Manual Approaches

  • You can only convert one image at a time using MS Paint or Photoshop, which leads to a time consuming process.
  • You must have prior knowledge of Photoshop to convert PSD to TIFF.
  • Photoshop or Paint TIFF export may not achieve the same level of file size reduction depending on the complexity of the PSD files and the settings utilized.

A Simple Technique to Convert PSD File to TIFF Files

PCDOTS Image Converter is the finest tool for converting multiple images at once. Unlike the Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint, it does not allow you to repeat the operation multiple times. It batch converts PSD to TIFF without sacrificing quality. It is simple to use the application, which you can immediately download and use for free by clicking the link below.
Download Now

To convert Photoshop file to TIFF in bulk with PSD to TIFF converter, you need to follow some simple steps. We will guide you through every step of using the tool. Please take a look at these.

A Step-by-Step to Batch Change PSD Files to TIFF Format

  • Download, install and run the PSD to TIFF converter on Windows.
    download psd to tiff converter
  • Click the Open button, select the PSD file, and select Files / Choose Folders.
    select psd files or folders
  • Browse and import PSD files or folders into the tool and preview the images.
    preview psd images
  • Click the Export button and select TIFF as your preferred saving option.
    select tiff saving option
  • Click the Browse and select the location to keep the output TIFF files.
    browse location for files
  • Finally, click the Save button to convert PSD to TIFF format.
    convert psd to tiff

The professional PSD to TIFF converter clearly outperforms the manual approaches (Adobe Photoshop and MS Paint). It saves you a lot of time and is easy to utilize. Continue reading to find out more about the application.

Why is PSD to TIFF Converter Better than Manual Methods?

(1) This PSD to TIFF converter is designed with very basic GUI so that any non-technical use can use it.

(2) It can batch convert PSD to TIFF. There is no limit on the amount of photos that can be converted in a single procedure.

(3) Allows you to choose between two modes for selecting PSD images: Select files and Select directories. Depending on the number of the images, you can select any of the alternatives.

(4) This application allows you to view PSD images before converting them to TIFF format.

(5) It is versatile software that can also convert PSD file to PNG file, PSD to GIF file, PSD file to WebP and more without any problem.

(6) Instead of forcing you to save the generated TIFF files to a pre-defined location, it lets you choose where to save them.

(7) It is a Windows-based utility that converts Photoshop file to TIFF on any older and more current version of Windows.

In Conclusion

We have provided you multiple ways to convert PSD to TIFF. Now you can easily convert Photoshop file to TIFF with Adobe Photoshop, MS Paint and professional tool. The suggested manual methods can only convert one image file at a time, though. To overcome the limitations of manual approach, we also offered you a professional PSD to TIFF converter. Check all the methods and choose the one that you find suitable for you.