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How to Convert JPG to AI Image | A Free Solution

Want to convert JPG to AI image? Are you looking for a secure solution that can convert your images while maintaining the resolution? If yes, this article is for you. Read on to get the ultimate JPG to AI conversion solution.

AI Over JPG | Why

The JPG is simply a basic picture format with modification capabilities that are limited to the tools that can use it. As a result, putting it inside Illustrator allows experienced technical users to generate even more and edit more effectively. Once within Illustrator, the user may utilize all of the tools available to transform the JPG image into whatever design they wish.

When a JPG file is edited, its resolution is lost. Therefore, it must be transformed into a more manageable file format, such an AI, in order to modify it in the same quality. Additional reason to convert JPG file to AI format is to make file sharing simpler.

Keep in mind that you can alter both files in the end. The JPG is tiny and simple to open. However, AI files may generally be edited at a much higher technical level. JPG to AI conversion makes sense when editing is your top goal.

How to Convert JPG to AI Image?

The first method is to use the Adobe Illustrator application to convert JPG image to AI format free. Of course, this approach is better suited for someone who has access to Illustrator.

  1. Open JPG image in the Illustrator
  2. Navigate to the File in Illustrator.
  3. Then, using ‘File,’ choose ‘Export,’ and then the appropriate format.
  4. Then click ‘Save‘.

Note that this option also allows you to alter the picture within Illustrator.

An Outstanding Way to Convert JPG Image to AI

Image Converter Tool by PCDOTS is one of the most safe and straightforward methods to convert JPG to AI image. This application outperforms the Illustrator software in every aspect. Unlike the Illustrator software, which only enables you to convert one picture at a time, this application can convert an unlimited number of images at the same time. You may test the tool’s capabilities for free by clicking the link below.
Download Now

You will need to go through some of the simple procedures in order to convert JPG to Illustrator with the tool. All of those stages are outlined below; you must carefully follow them to determine the tool’s functionality.

A Comprehensive Guide on Converting JPG Files to AI

  • Download JPG to AI Converter on Windows. Once the file is fully downloaded, run the setup to convert JPG to AI image.
    download jpg to ai converter
  • Once the tool’s display is visible, you need to click on the “Open” tab. You then need to select a JPG file from the list of options.
    select jpg file from the list
  • After all the JPG images are imported into the tool, you need to click on the “Export” button and select AI as the save option.
    select ai saving option
Note: As you can see, the utility provides a plethora of saving possibilities. As a result, if you need to convert JPG to SVG, JPG to EPS, or other formats, this program comes in handy.
  • Click the “Browse” button to specify the destination path to the resulting files. Click “Save” button to convert JP file to AI.
    convert jpg to ai image
  • You will be notified once the JPG to AI conversion is complete. Then you can access the location of the resulting files using the “Open Folder” button.
    click open folder

Below, we’ve listed a few characteristics of the tool. Read these to learn why the software is superior than the Illustrator application for converting JPG to AI.

JPG to AI Converter | Primary Traits

(1) The user interface of the JPG File to AI Converter is straightforward. It isn’t difficult to use, and even someone who isn’t technically savvy can use it.

(2) It is a system-based application that converts JPG images to AI images offline. It does not save your photographs for an extended time, like many web-based converters do.

(3) It gives you two alternatives for importing JPG photographs into the pane. To mass convert JPG to AI image, you may either import JPG files or JPG folders into the pane.

(4) It is an all-in-one program that provides you with several saving alternatives. Aside from AI, the utility can convert JPG files to JPEG, JPG files to BMP, and other file types.

(5) JPG to AI Converter allows you to preview JPG images before converting them to AI file format.
preview jpg image

(6) It allows you to define the target path in order to keep the resultant AI files in the specified spot.


We have provided complete instructions to convert JPG to AI image in Adobe Illustrator as well as utilizing offline applications. While the Adobe program can only convert one picture at a time, the utility can convert many files at once. You can try both procedures and use the one that works best for you. If you decide to use the JPG to AI Converter, you can get it for free by clicking on the link above.