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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 20-Nov-2021 ~ Software ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Migrate Apple Mail to Office 365 Account Directly?

Hi, if you want to Migrate Apple Mail to Office 365 Account? Then you’d arrived at the right location. Now in this Blog, we will disuse how to export data from apple mail to office 365 in just a few steps and 100% accurate results for you with Manual and Professional solutions.

Apple Mail is a popular email client program with Mac Operating System. Apple Mail has features such as the ability to receive all of a user’s email accounts in a single folder. It can scan for emails, and the ability to instantly add signatures to outgoing emails. It also connects with the Contacts list, Calendar, Maps, and other applications

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Office 365 Webmail is a free online email service. It’s an edge communication network that includes a full-featured email system with internet access, seamless calendaring, a campus contacts list, mobile device access, and 50 GB of email storage, and 5 TB of document storage per account. Let’s see the technique to Import Apple Mail to Office 365 accounts directly.


If you are a Normal User and you want to export Apple Mail to Office 365 then you can use the manual method but there is a bit of the fear that remains for data loss and not so sure for accuracy result.
But, if you are a Businessman or working with an organization or want to migrate your data to an extreme level then you can go with our tool.

It provides an option to do the Conversion to Apple mail to Office 365 Account directly, and with 100% accuracy.

Manual Solution to Migrate Apple mail to Office 365

To customize your Gmail account in Mac Mail, open Apple Mail and use the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) function.

  • Build a new folder in your Gmail account in Apple Mail.
  • Select the required emails and transfer them to the new folder.
  • Open Office 365 and use the IMAP function to set up your Gmail account.
  • Once the setup process is over, open Mac Mail and search for the new folder installed in your Gmail account.
  • Select the files from the folder and transfer them to the O365 folder.
  • After the transfer is complete, both services will allow you to uninstall your Gmail account.

Professional Solution to Transfer Apple mail to Office 365

The PCDOTS Email Converter Software is simpler to use, quicker and completes the migration process in a couple of minutes. This utility Import your Apple Mail addresses, contacts, and calendar into Office 365 Outlook without sacrificing the privacy of your files. Without any data loss horrible moments.

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Note: If you have an MBOX file of Apple Mail then you can continue with MBOX Converter Tool it provides you world-class facilities and direct migrate the data of your Apple Mail MBOX to Office 365 Account.

Best Features of Apple Mail to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Allows for bulk data transfer while maintaining folder hierarchy throughout the process.
  • The ability to preview all emails and attachments before migrating them to an O365 mailbox.
  • Has an in-built filter for performing the selective conversion.
  • Makes the documentation available in CSV format for potential reference.
  • Supports and performs well on all models of Windows.

Step-by-Step Guide how to Import Apple Mail to Office 365

  • Run the converter tool. Click on Open >> Email Accounts.

    open menu

  • Click on the Add account option and configure your Apple Mail account in the software.

    configure apple account to transfer data to Office 365 Account

  • After that, you can view all data in the software.

    data display

  • Select the data that you want to export.

    select data for export

  • Then, click on the Export icon and Select Office 365.

    select office 365 from drop-down menu

  • And, Enter the location and click on the Save button.

    click save button to export mac mail to office 365

  • Now, you can get a notification that your conversion is completed.

    complete conversion migrate apple mail to office 365

  • Finally, Click on the Open Folder and see the output.

    see output


Converting Apple Mail to Office 365 is not an easy task, and it must be accomplished quickly to avoid losing important files. But using an automatic platform to transfer or import emails from Mac Mail inbox. Mbox to Office 365 Mailbox is preferable, as it ensures a quicker and more reliable migration with 100 percent accuracy.