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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 05-Jul-2023 ~ Fix Duplicates ~ 5 Minutes Reading

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo Mail by Yahoo, Inc is an email service offering many features to its email users, like an astonishing high storage space (1 TB) and secure virus protection, making it one of the prominent email clients. If you are a Yahoo Mail user, you must be experiencing a problem hampering your productivity – duplicate contacts. If you want to know the reasons and solutions to resolve how to remove duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail account, keep reading this blog!

Reasons to Delete Duplicate Contacts from Yahoo Mail

There are many reasons for removing duplicate contacts from your Yahoo Mail account, and some of these are:

  • The duplicate contacts occupy unnecessary storage in your email account, and even though Yahoo offers 1 TB storage space, they still are a nuisance for you.
  • When you import a contact list from Gmail, Outlook, and even an old Yahoo account, you unexpectedly bring the old contacts you already have in your current Yahoo Mail account, leading to the duplication problem.
  • Saving the contact details of every person you correspond with without knowing that the contact details already exist in your contact list.

These reasons highlight the importance of removing duplicated contacts in Yahoo Mail. We will discuss solutions to delete duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail, so keep reading!

Solutions to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Yahoo Mail

We will now discuss the solutions for deduplicating your Yahoo Mail account. Let’s start with the manual solution, followed by the professional solution.

Manual Method to Fix Yahoo Duplicate Contacts

The manual solution to deduplicate your Yahoo Mail account involves individually deleting repeated contacts from your contact list. Follow these steps to remove the duplicate contacts manually:

  1. Log into your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Click the Contacts icon on the right-side panel.
    choose yahoo contacts
  3. Select one duplicated contact from the list.
    select duplicate yahoo mail contact
  4. Click on it to see the details of the person.
    click three dot icon
  5. Now click the three dots on the top and select Delete Contact.
    delete duplicate yahoo contacts
  6. Confirm your action and click Ok. The duplicated contact gets deleted.
    remove duplicate contacts in yahoo mail

This method is effective if you have only a few duplicated contacts in your Yahoo Mail account. But if you have hundreds or thousands of duplicated contacts (thanks to the 1 TB storage), it’ll take you much time to manually delete them since Yahoo can’t remove all repeated contacts together. But an automated tool can easily remove duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail without any limitations of the manual method.

Professional Method to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Yahoo Mail

We will discuss the automated solution in two phases – the first is to download the contact list in your Yahoo Mail account, and the second phase is to use an automated tool.

Phase 1: Export Yahoo Mail Contacts To CSV

  1. Since Yahoo exports and imports contacts in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format only, let’s download them in the said format using the following steps:
  2. Log in to your Yahoo Mail account.
    choose yahoo contacts
  3. Select Contacts from the right-side menu and click the three-dot icon.
    more contact options
  4. Click Export to CSV file, and your Yahoo mail contacts get downloaded in an Excel CSV file.
    export to csv file
  5. Go to your system’s downloads folder to get the CSV file.
    delete duplicate contacts in yahoo

Phase 2: Use an Automated Tool

The next phase is to use an automated tool to remove duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail. This tool can remove duplicate contacts while maintaining data integrity. This tool is the PCDOTS CSV Duplicate Remover.

Download Now

Some Features of Software

  • This software can deduplicate Yahoo Mail exported CSV contacts in bulk.
  • The tool maintains the structure and metadata of the original file.
  • This tool has a user-friendly graphical interface.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Yahoo Mail?

  1. Download and install the tool on your computer.
    start software
  2. Click the Open dropdown menu and select Choose Files or Choose Folders to add Yahoo Mail exported CSV file.
    add yahoo contacts
  3. The software adds the file in the left panel. Click on it to view the contacts in the center panel.
    view yahoo contacts
  4. Select the desired fields to deduplicate Yahoo contacts.
    select yahoo csv fields
  5. Select Remove Duplicate Records from the Actions dropdown menu.
    how to remove duplicate contacts in yahoo mail
  6. Confirm the criteria selected for the deduplication process. Also, you can choose the location for saving the resultant deduplicated CSV file by clicking Browse.
    choose destination path
  7. Click Save and start the deduplication process. The tool quickly deduplicates the Yahoo Mail contacts CSV file.
    delete duplicate contacts from yahoo
  8. Click Open Folder and open the CSV file to access your deduplicated Yahoo Mail contacts.
    remove duplicate contacts from yahoo mail

Using the professional method to remove duplicate contacts from your Yahoo Mail account saves time and eliminates the hard work of manually removing them from your account. Thereafter, import the processed file back into Yahoo contacts.


Being a Yahoo Mail user gives you 1 TB of storage space, but this storage doesn’t matter if you struggle to remove duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail. We discussed the manual and automated methods to delete duplicate contacts in your Yahoo account. The manual solution involves the Individual deletion of duplicate contacts from Yahoo Mail and this hard work makes this method time-consuming.

On the contrary, the professional solution involves exporting the Yahoo Mail contact list in CSV format and using the automated tool mentioned here to deduplicate the contacts in the CSV file. All Yahoo Mail users, especially non-technical ones, can comfortably deduplicate their contacts and ensure intact data integrity with the tool.