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Richard ~ Published: 21-Jun-2023 ~ How to ~ 3 Minutes Reading

How to Export files from OLM to IMAP Account?

In this article, we will discuss an OLM to IMAP Converter tool which enables users to easily migrate the files from OLM to IMAP. If we talk straight-forward, then today we will discuss a professional utility that allows us to export the files directly into the IMAP Account.

IMAP is basically an Internet Standard Protocol that is used to retrieve messages in the form of a TCP/IP connection. IMAP can also be accessed by a wide range of email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Office 365, etc. We can easily access emails and transfer data to the IMAP server from different locations.

OLM to IMAP Converter Software

The software can easily be executed using the OLM Converter . The software enables its user to perform bulk migration of OLM files to IMAP Account within a single attempt.

It has come with 2 versions: Using the Demo version, you can easily export 10 files at once. And if you want to export more than 10 or an unlimited number of files, then you should go with the licensed version of this Software. However, Most technical experts also recommend this Software.

Download Now

Step-by-Step Guide to Import OLM Files into IMAP

  • Download and Run the OLM to IMAP Converter successfully on your computer system.
    download olm to imap converter
  • Click on the Open Menu>> Choose Outlook Mac files. Choose folders to load the mails from the system directly.
    select olm files
  • All the OLM files/ folders will automatically be displayed on the screen. Here, if you want you may preview the emails.
    preview olm emails
  • Thereafter, Click on the Export Menu and choose IMAP Email Service to initiate the Export process.
    select imap saving option
  • Add the Correct login credentials details in the appropriate field.
    enter credentials
  • Click on the Save button option to save the data directly into the IMAP email account.
    export olm files to imap

Objectives of this Software

  1. The main objective of this software is that it can perform the migration in bulk.
  2. Software will provide accurate results to the users and also maintains the actual data structure layout.
  3. It works according to the needs of the user and can easily migrate 1000s of emails within a single attempt.
  4. The Software enables users to work effortlessly and will save most of the time. Hence it only takes 5-10 minutes to perform a single task.
  5. Demo version is also good to use and will make the user understand more about the software and its functionality.
  6. Users can easily extract the email attributes separately and can also convert the files into different file formats and migrate the files into other Email Services.
  7. Compatible to all version of Windows OS and can easily run on Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


The result is quite clear and understood that the software is a perfect solution to import the data. It also doesn’t require any other installation for the completion of the process. It also gives us many types of options and through which we can get the desired results. Well!! Even a non-technical user can continue with this and will be able to understand about a new software which will definitely help him to bring out the other solutions in the future.