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Richard ~ Published: 18-Jul-2023 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Import Mails from Mulberry to Thunderbird?- Perfect Solution

Are you a Mulberry email client user? Do you want to export emails from Mulberry to Thunderbird? Do you want to know an ideal solution for converting mails from Mulberry to Thunderbird? If yes, then you will get the answers to all your questions here.

In this blog, we will discuss one of the perfect solution of exporting mails from Mulberry and migrate them into Thunderbird. We will basically use a professional utility which will help us in migration process.


In the manual method, you need to export MBOX files manually from Mulberry and directly go to Thunderbird and export the file there using ImportExport tools.


  1. It will take a lot of time to migrate the files.
  2. The process is not guaranteed to give you desired results.
  3. While migrate multiple of files, the manual method will also lose a single bit of data.

Export MBOX from Mulberry

  1. Go to the Mulberry Account and right click on the Inbox file and export them using POP3 file.
  2. After that, the files will automatically saved in .mbx format which is MBOX file.

Import MBOX file in Thunderbird

  1. Launch Thunderbird in your system and click on the Tools button.
  2. After that, Choose ImportExport Tools and select import mbox file.
  3. And then, Choose “Import directly one or more mbox files” and click on OK button.


There are basically 2 steps, we need to follow:

  1. Export mails from Mulberry into mbox format.
  2. Migrate mbox file into Thunderbird.

Step1: Export mails from Mulberry into MBOX format

In this blog, we have to export MBOX files that contains all the data present in Thunderbird account. The exporting of files from MBOX will be done manually and is an easy task.

  • Open the Mulberry account on your system.
  • Click on the File Menu.
  • Export mailbox into .mbx format which is similar to mbox files.

Step2: Migrate resultant mbox file into Thunderbird account.

Now, we just have to migrate mbox files into Thunderbird account using the MBOX Converter Tool. PCDOTS MBOX Converter tool is a perfect software tool which will helps us to migrate mbox files into Thunderbird account. The Software is a stand-alone utility which can easily work without the installation of any other software. It can easily migrate multiple files within a single operation.

Download Now

Steps to follow:

  • Download and Run the software successfully on your Windows System.
    download mulberry to thunderbird converter
  • Tap on the Open Menu and choose files/folders from MBOX files.
    select mbox files
  • Upload MBOX file and all the data from that MBOX file will automatically appear on the Software screen.
    loaded mulberry data
  • After that, click the file and to preview all the emails in it.
    view mulberry emails
  • Click on the Export button and choose Email Client Thunderbird.
    select thunderbird saving option
  • Click on the Save button.The process will then start automatically.
    import mails from mulberry to thunderbird
  • Wait for a couple of minutes and Go to the Thunderbird Account and you can see the resultant data.
    check output



  1. Users can easily migrate multiple number of MBOX files to Thunderbird account within a single operation.
  2. It is easy to export the files into multiple file formats such as PST, PDF, HTML, CSV and to other Email clients such as Gmail, IMAP and Office 365.
  3. It does not require any further installation for completing the process and can easily work alone and provide the users desired results.
  4. While migrating multiple of files, users do not even lose a single bit of data.
  5. It has simple Graphical User Interface that is easy to handle by both the technical and non-technical user.
  6. The tool is free and you don’t need to pay any cost for the Software and also the software can easily work on all the previous as well as latest versions of Windows OS.

Questions asked by users

  1. Will I be able to use this software on Windows OS?

    No, the software does not currently supports Windows OS versions.

  2. Can I export multiple of MBOX files to other Email Services?

    Yes, you can easily export multiple of files into other email services like IMAP, Office 365, Yahoo.

  3. Will I be able to export the files according to my choice?

    Yes, you can easily export MBOX file into multiple file formats such as PDF, PST, HTML, etc.

  4. Can I extract attachments along with the emails?

    Yes, the software gives an option to export the files according to the choice of the users and also provides a detailed data preview to select and deselect the emails.

Bottom Lines

Consequently We understood that Migration of mails from Mulberry to Thunderbird is an easy task as both the Email clients support MBOX file format. But still, there are certain limitations of the manual method and that’s why it’s better to continue with the professional solution where you can easily migrate the files in just a few and simple steps.