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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 28-Jun-2023 ~ Software ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Move Thunderbird Mail to Different Drive?

This blog can assist users to back up emails from Thunderbird on their internal or external hard drive. Thunderbird mailboxes can be transferred using both manual and automatic processes. Both approaches to move Thunderbird mail to different drive are well described in the below section for users’ benefits. Data encryption has become a major concern for users nowadays. Data theft, data misuse increasing day by day. Backup is the only safe way of protecting data from misuse or theft. Email backup is now needed also for desktop clients like Mozilla Thunderbird. Usually,  Thunderbird stores user data on the local server or the device. However, computer corruption or destruction may occur while device failure or illegal hacking. In such cases, users would know how to transfer Thunderbird mailbox to the hard drive. In this article, we describe two different techniques to move Thunderbird email to another pc.

Instant Solution to Move Thunderbird Mail to Different Drive

Creating an email backup is a difficult process, but users can do it with PCDOTS Thunderbird Converter software. It is one of the most reliable methods for copying several Thunderbird emails to a new machine in one go. It is the only way to protect your precious data against unnecessary corruption. 

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How to Save Thunderbird Emails to Hard Drive?

To transfer emails from Thunderbird to another drive, you can use both manual and automatic methods. But the manual method is time-consuming and difficult.   I’d like to recommend a technical strategy for immediate results. Look at the manual method to know the causes.

Manual Approach to Move Thunderbird Mail to New Computer

To move Thunderbird mail to different drive with a manual method is quite difficult, you can back up your entire Thunderbird mailbox. Your Thunderbird account contains all of the information about your account, including emails, account preferences, and so on. When you create a backup of your Thunderbird profile, the contents of the user’s profile folder are easily copied and pasted into a convenient backup spot.

  •         Run Thunderbird program and install successfully on your device.
  •         Show the Thunderbird menu icon by clicking on it.
  •         Go to Help >> Troubleshooting Information for more information.
  •         Under the apps Basics section, click the Open folder tab.
  •         Now press the Open Folder button to open the User’s Profile directory, which has a unique name format that includes a string of random characters followed by the profile.

This method necessitates a significant amount of time and effort. Creating a backup of your Thunderbird emails with a manual method is a time-consuming process. It is preferable to stick with the manual process you should use the automatic method.

Automated Approach

The PCDOTS Thunderbird Converter is a professional solution to move Thunderbird mail to different drive and attachments to an external hard drive. The application allows users to convert Thunderbird emails in bulk to a variety of file formats. The app has a number of specialized features that help to protect the backup. Aside from that, the app has an easy-to-use GUI that is suitable for non-technical users. It is a stand-alone program that does not require the use of any other software to move Thunderbird email to another pc.

Working Steps to Move Thunderbird Mails to Different Device 

Read the steps below one by one and add them to your Thunderbird emails to create a backup that includes the email attachments in a separate file format:

  • Download the software and install it on the current Windows operating system to move Thunderbird to New Computer.
    download the tool to move thunderbird to different device
  • Run the software successfully and click on the Open tab to move Thunderbird mail to different drive.
    select thunderbird configured account
  • After that, pick the appropriate email message and display a full preview of that message.
    preview before moving thunderbird mail
  • Pick the Extract option to load each email feature separately, such as attachments, email addresses, and phone numbers.
    click extract button
  • Then, select the desired file format from the list of different saving options by clicking the Export button.
    select saving option
  • Finally, pick where you want the resulting file to be saved and press the Save button to begin the backup process.
    move thunderbird to new device

So, this is how we can move Thunderbird mail to different drive including attachments.


Experts also carefully examined the Thunderbird Converter software. Users will move Thunderbird mail to different drive with all Meta properties intact using this program. Users can conveniently build a backup of Thunderbird emails in a variety of file formats using this fantastic backup method. It is a reliable approach to move Thunderbird to another drive that a non-tech consumers can use with ease. In addition, the app has a fantastic user interface that gives an accurate and immediate outcome. As a result, you will get the safest outcome at any time while move Thunderbird email to another pc.