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Richard ~ Published: 19-Feb-2022 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Direct Solution to Migrate MDaemon Emails to Microsoft Office 365

Wants to migrate MDaemon to Office 365? If yes, then you are at the correct destination place. Here, you will get a 100% accurate solution that matches your query

MDaemon is one of the popular Email Server and has been used by most professionals to communicate with each other. And, it is a perfect utility to support groupware data such as contacts, calendars, notes, journals, to-do lists, etc. But the main limitation is that it is been used for small-scale purposes.

And, if users are thinking to move to Office 365 then it is a good decision, as there is better data management and more security and also it has the ability to handle large-scale businesses. Additionally, users can upgrade the version anytime.

There are not only a single but an unlimited number of queries present on the Internet for exporting emails from MDaemon Email Server to Microsoft 365 Account.

And, no manual solutions are available on the Internet. So, let’s understand the instant solution for the complete migration.

User Query

“Hi, I am Yona. I am finding a way for the last 3 days to move MDaemon Mailbox to a Cloud-Based Service such as Gmail and Office 365 but didn’t be able to get the perfect solution.
Is there anyone else present who can tell me the perfect guide for the MDaemon to Office 365 Migration?”

Professional Solution to Migrate MDaemon to Office 365

It is better to use the solution MDaemon Converter to import the data directly along with including email attachments.

The tool has been defined with descriptive features that allow users to export multiple files within a single attempt without affecting any kind of data. It is been developed with a special algorithm that allows users to work according to the needs and requirements of the users.

Download the MDaemon to Office 365 Migration Tool to continue with the process.

Download Now

Step-By-Step Guide to Import MDaemon Emails to Microsoft 365

  • Firstly, run the Migration tool in your existing Windows OS system.

run the utility

  •  Click on the Open Menu >> Email Servers >> Upload MDaemon Files.

run mdaemon to office 365 tool

  •  Upload the required MDaemon Mailbox files on your software panel. Select the needed MDaemon files that you want to import into Office 365.

Select the required mdaemon files

  •  Go to the Export Menu >> Office 365 as the Email Service.

choose office 365 to import MDaemon data

  •  Enter the login credentials of your Microsoft Office 365 Account and Click on the Save button.

enter login details

  •  After that, wait for a few minutes and you will be able to get the final message on the Software screen.

migrate zimbra to office 365
Hence, this utility allows users to move the entire data items precisely without facing any kind of disruptions.
And, you can open your Outlook 365 Mail and see the exported data on the screen.

Why You Should Use MDaemon to Microsoft 365 Migration Tool?

  1. Flexible GUI
    The Software provides an easy-to-use interface that can easily be operated by all Internet users. Also, just by seeing the Software panel, users can be able to understand a variety of options.
  2. Extraction of Email Attributes
    Moreover, the MDaemon to Office 365 Migration tool has the ability to download email attachments, email addresses, and contact numbers individually. While downloading Email Addresses, users will get all the email headers in the Text file format.
  3. Multiple Numerous formats
    This utility is one of the perfect utilities that can do the migration of MDaemon emails to other file formats such as MDaemon emails as EML, MDaemon to HTML file, MDaemon to Adobe PDF, Export MDaemon contacts to CSV, MDaemon to PST, and other Email Services such as Google Mail, Thunderbird, and other IMAP services such as Exchange server and other servers such as Zimbra, Kerio, and CommuniGate.
  4.  Filter Search Option
    Also, it is also possible for all users to easily locate an email from the bulk of emails uploaded in the Software. Using different intents such as To, Cc, Bcc, Filename, and File size data can be used to search for email.

How do I Move MDaemon Mailboxes and Data Items to O365?

  1. Launch MDaemon to Office 365 Migration Tool.
  2.  Click on Open Menu >> Email Servers.
  3.  Upload MDaemon files on the software.
  4.  Select the required data.
  5.  Go to Export Menu >> Office 365.
  6.  Enter log-in details.
  7.  Get the resultant data.


Therefore, we had tried our best to tell you the perfect solution to migrate MDaemon to Office 365 Account. Although it is a very difficult task to continue with the process, the Migration tool made the task easy for us and has migrated the entire data.

Most of the technical experts also use this software to get the migration results.