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How to Migrate Evernote to Samsung Notes ?

Overview: In the discussion below, we will talk about how to migrate Evernote to Samsung Notes. You will learn about the complete manual process followed by the technical aspects and a brief overview of note-taking tools. So, stay in touch with us and get the details and easy steps to get the job done.

Brief Overview of Both Tools

Evernote is a comprehensive note-taking tool with the features of capturing, organizing, and sharing notes across multiple platforms without hassle. It allows maintaining text, multimedia, images, Web clipping and more, which is preferable for wide range of professionals.

Samsung Notes, on the other hand, is also a note-taking application but is especially for Samsung users. This application is integrated with all Samsung devices like Galaxy smartphones, tablets etc. It offers features like text, PDF annotation, drawing etc. In comparison to Evernote, S Notes provides a more tailored experience for Samsung users.

Why Should One Migrate from Evernote to Samsung Notes ?

  • If you are fully hands-on with Samsung devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs, then migrating notes to Samsung Notes is beneficial for you. It comes pre-installed on all devices and has a more personalized experience for every user.
  • While Evernote is a premium app, Samsung Notes comes free with all Samsung devices. There will be no additional cost that you may need to pay to capture your notes for improved memory and work productivity.
  • Its interface is easy and easy to navigate. Although Evernote may seem complicated when used specifically for first-time, this S Notes interface is specifically designed for Samsung devices and the user can change it as per their convenience.

How to Migrate Evernote Notes to Samsung Notes ?

Before learning how to export Evernote to Samsung Notes, let’s take a look at the few technical aspects:

While both tools are used to serve the same purpose of creating Notes, they are different in terms of the file format they support.

  • Evernote supports files such as ENEX, PDF, HTM, etc.
  • While Samsung Notes supports .snb, DOCX, PDF, Text, etc.

Now, we know that the common file format in both applications is PDF. Then, use it to move from Evernote to S Notes. So, let’s go ahead and get the job done quickly in the following two stages:

  • Step 1: Export notes from Evernote
  • Step 2: Import Evernote to Samsung Notes

Step 1: Export Notes from Evernote

  • First, launch the Evernote app on your system.
  • Then choose the notes you want to import into Samsung Notes.
  • Next, click the File menu and select the Export to PDF
  • Choose a location to save your Evernote notes and click the Export

Within a few moments, your notes will be saved to PDF to the location you specified. Then, you need to follow the steps below to complete the job.

Step 2: Import Evernote Notes to Samsung Notes

  • First, go to Samsung Notes on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Now, you can either select the PDF+ option near the search bar
  • Or create a new note then click on the attachment icon and select the PDF
  • Now, browse through your exported Evernote notes saved in PDF format and click Done.
  • Now, your Evernote notes will be imported into Samsung Notes.

That’s it! At this level of ease, you can migrate Evernote to Samsung Notes. However, there are a few pros and cons of the method that you should review now.

Pros of the Method

  • This method is completely free and you do not need to pay any cost
  • The method is straightforward and does not require higher technical knowledge.

Cons of the method

  • This method is only suitable if Evernote is installed on your device.
  • If you have orphaned Evernote ENEX files, you cannot import them directly into Samsung Notes
  • You don’t have any option to create one Samsung Note from multiple Evernote notes

If you are worried about the downsides of the method and have no idea how to overcome them, please check out your expert method below.

How to Migrate Evernote to Samsung Notes without hassle?

To overcome all the limitations of the above method, use the best Evernote Converter software. This software will help you complete the work even without installing Evernote. It allows you to convert ENEX files to Samsung Notes supported file type while preserving all attachments such as images, links, text, etc. It also allows you to convert multiple Evernote notes to one S Note.

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You can get the software from the link above and start migrating Evernote Notes to Samsung with ease. It is safe, reliable and useful for all levels of users.

Pros of the Evernote to Samsung Notes Migration Tool

  • Does not require you to have Evernote installed on the device
  • Allows you to convert ENEX files to Samsung Notes
  • Maintains integrity and does not modify text, images, web clips, etc. from Notes


  • This is a paid alternative, however, it is cost-effective and definitely worth its price.

In Conclusion

Migrating Notes from Evernote to S Notes is easier due to support for the common file format. In the above discussion, we have provided detailed steps to export Evernote to Samsung Notes. The process is completely manual and does not involve any third-party software. However, it has some disadvantages that can be a headache for most professionals.

However, to overcome the disadvantages of the method, we offer an excellent alternative that is easy to use and safe. So, review all the above content and quickly migrate Evernote to Samsung Notes without problems and maintaining the structure of your Notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) Can S Note import ENEX files?

No, S Note does not have any function to import ENEX files directly.

Question 2) Can I directly migrate notes from Evernote to Samsung Notes?

Yes. Since both applications support the popular PDF file format for importing and exporting notes, you can migrate them directly.

Question 3) What is the need for third-party software when exporting Evernote to S Note?

The manual method only works if you have Evernote installed on your computer. But if you have isolated ENEX files, you cannot import them directly to Samsung Note. You will first need to convert the ENEX format to the accepted S Note format.

Question 4) Which is better Evernote or Samsung Notes?

Well, when it comes to note-taking app, Evernote is clearly superior as it offers many powerful features. However, if you are using Samsung devices and are fully committed to the Samsung ecosystem, Samsung Notes is the best option for you as you will be able to sync notes to all your devices in real-time.

Question 5) Is Samsung Notes free?

Yes, S Note comes pre-installed with all Samsung devices like tablet, laptop, PC and smartphone. You don’t need to pay anything to use Notes.

Question 6) Does Samsung Notes have a storage capacity limit?

Yes. The total storage space available for your notes is primarily determined by the storage capacity of your Samsung device and your Samsung Cloud storage quota if you choose to sync your notes.