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Katherine ~ Published: 20-Jan-2022 ~ Software ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Trusted Solution to Migrate CommuniGate to Exchange Server

Are you searching perfect and safe method to migrate CommuniGate to Exchange Server? Then, what are you waiting for and why you are going any other platform?

Of course, nowdays data is very precious for everyone. That’s why we all want the data to be converted without losing it.

Don’t worry, we are here to solve your every problem. In this blog, we will give you complete step-by-step approach to import emails from CommuniGate to Exchange Server.

User Query

“Hello, I have been using a CommuniGate account for the past 5 years, and I have a lot of CommuniGate data.” Now, you assist me in getting out of this problem by suggesting a method for converting large CommuniGate files to an Exchange server with attachments and hyperlinks without losing any information.”

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Reasons to Migrate CommuniGate to Exchange Server

  • CommuniGate’s graphical interface is quite puzzling, so moving it to Exchange server is a better option.
  • It does not provide any upgrade features to its current users.
  • Also, improper management eventually results in trouble with the handling of CommuniGate accounts individual groupware servers.

How to Migrate CommuniGate to Exchange Server

  1. Run CommuniGate Migrator Tool.
  2. Upload the ComminiGate data, and select needed emails.
  3. Click on “Export”, then choose “IMAP”.
  4. Fill login details, and hit on “Save”.
  5. Now, get the resultant data.

Note:- Some operations are impossible to complete manually because no manual solution exists. Only one alternative strategy has been successful in answering this question. As a result, we provide one of the best converters for exporting emails from communiGate to Exchange.

Now, we will explain you perfect step-by-step solution to migrate CommuniGate Data.

Automated Solution to Migrate CommuniGate Emails to Exchange Server

PCDOTS CommuniGate Emails Migrator Software is described as one of the greatest converters. In reality, you can use this application to export a large amount of data at once.

Start the process by downloading the Free CommuniGate Converter Tool from the internet.

Download Now

How to Use this Software:

  • Install the software on your system, and click on the “Open” menu.


  • Select the Email Servers >> CommuniGate Files >> Choose Files and Folders.

    export communigate to exchange

  • After that, the software will show the complete preview of the Maildir file.

    transfer communigate to exchange

  • Press on the “Export” option, and choose the “IMAP” option.

    choose file format

  • Fill in the credentials details of your Exchange Server account, and click on the “save” button.

    communigate to imap

  • Finally, the conversion process has been completed successfully.

    Convert communigate to exchange

Benefits of Professional Utility

  • You may transfer a large amount of data into a single procedure, saving both time and energy. As well as, to export specific emails, use the date-range filter.
  • This software is completely safe and secure, as well as user-friendly for non-technical individuals. In fact, the ability to keep folder hierarchy and organisation.
  • Users can separately move CommuniGate files to Exchange, as well as email elements such as email addresses, phone numbers, and attachments.
  • It works with a wide range of file types and email applications, including PST, HTML, PDF, Gmail, Thunderbird, and more.


  1. Is this software available in a trial version?Yes, a trial version can be used to migrate a small amount of CommuniGate data.
  2. Is it possible to use this tool on a Mac?No, this software will not run on a Mac. But, it will run on any version of Windows.


In this article, the automatic approach to Migrate CommuniGate Emails to Exchange Server with Attachments and Hyperlinks is wonderful and excellent. There is a professional tool that can export data with complex and beneficial features. Furthermore, we will recommend the professional tool because it overcomes all of the restrictions of manual techniques and allows you to upload several files at once.