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Richard ~ Published: 10-Mar-2022 ~ Software ~ 5 Minutes Reading

How to Import Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird Account Directly?

If you’ve been looking for a way to import Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go over the easiest way to import emails. Let’s take a look at a user query from the WLM forum before moving on to the main discussion.

User Query

I’ve been using Windows Live Mail is an email client from the beginning, but now I’d like to convert my data files to a Thunderbird account. I’m curious if it’s possible to import emails from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird. Please respond to me with a trustworthy system if it is necessary. Thank you for your assistance.

We’re here to ensure that you can conveniently migrate all of your data (emails, addresses, schedules, and so on) from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird after considering the above question. You can do it manually (for free) with schedules, but emails and contacts are the most important records. As a result, we recommend that you only use a trustworthy process.

Import Windows Live Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird – Manually

It is easy to import the data using a manual method but for that, you need to have much time and effort and you need to have Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird present in your system. There are 2 steps for this: Firstly export .eml files from Windows Live Mail and then import that into Thunderbird Account.

Step1. Export Windows Live Mail Messages

  • Open Windows Live Mail >> Open Menu.
  • Choose Export Email >> Email Messages.

export windows live mail .eml files

  • Select Microsoft Windows Live mail and Next.

select the messages

  • Click Browse to locate >> OK >> Next.

browse location to export windows live mail emails

  • Select required folders >> Next >> Finish.

select the required data

Then, you can see the export EML files in the destination location. After that move on to the next step.

Step2. Import .eml files to Thunderbird

  • Open Thunderbird Application.
  • Add Add-ons ImportExportTools NG.

add add-ons

  • Create a new folder with the name “Test Folder”.

create folder

  • Right-click on the folder and choose ImportExportTools NG.
  • Select “Import all messages from a directory”.

import windows live mail to thunderbird

  • Choose EML files folders and OK.

choose the data

Professionally – Import Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird

To import Windows Live Mail emails to Thunderbird, you can use the manual solution. However, the procedure is time-consuming and necessitates extensive scientific expertise. Furthermore, there is a risk of data loss. As a result, experts devised a simple and straightforward solution in the form of a Windows Live Mail Converter. Professionals, non-professionals, and organizations from all fields should use the application’s steps to export the data because it is simple to use and has a user-friendly environment.

Users who want to import the data should use the PCDOTS Windows Live Mail Converter Software, which provides a direct option. The great thing about this software is that it offers a free preview edition, but the free version with certain limitations. Users can export 10 emails using Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird Converter in the trial version. You will test the tool’s operating performance and usability in the free edition. After that, users can buy the software’s licensed version to transfer the folders.

Download Now

How to Transfer Windows Live Mail Folders to Thunderbird?

  •  Launch the Import Tool by running the program and clicking the Open button.

windows live mail to thunderbird converter

  • Choose Desktop Email Client, then Windows Live Mail. If you wish to load emails from a setup account, choose “Open Windows Live Configure,” otherwise choose Choose Folder.

upload windows live mail files

  • The software will now show you a full preview of your emails. Choose the required number of emails that you want to import.

see the preview of all emails

  • To save all email attachments and emails, click the Extract tab to transfer emails from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird.

extract the data

  • From the drop-down menu, choose Thunderbird as the Email Client.

choose thunderbird to import the data

  • Choose the location where the resulting data files will be stored. Finally, press the Save button.

enter destination

  • Now, in just a few minutes, you can see the resultant prompted message on the software screen.

import windows live mail to thunderbird

Features of the Converter

  1. This tool has the best features, allowing users to import multiple Windows Live Mail .eml files/folders into Thunderbird without missing a single bit of data.
  2. The instrument was designed with high-tech functionality and reliability in mind. As a result, data protection is 100% guaranteed.
  3. It has a user-friendly graphical user interface that was created with non-technical users in mind.
  4. Using the Filter Search option, you can also locate particular data according to your needs and requirements.
  5. Users can also export the data into multiple other file formats and Email services such as PDF, PST, EML, HTML, CSV, MBOX, Google Mail, Office 365, and other IMAP Services.
  6. Also, it has the ability to extract email elements such as attachments, email addresses, and phone numbers individually.

How to Import Windows Live Mail Data to Mozilla Thunderbird?

  1. Run Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird Converter.
  2. Upload the files from the system.
  3. Select the required data.
  4. Go to Export >> Thunderbird.
  5. Get the resultant message.

Final Words

We’ve provided the best solution so that users can learn how to import Windows Live Mail emails to Mozilla Thunderbird. We offered the easiest and most secure solution for user requests such as how to upload emails in this blog. This tool has a user-friendly interface that allows even non-technical users to use it without assistance. This tool also allows for a secure and fast-import process.

For more information, you can connect with our technical team anytime.