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Richard ~ Published: 12-Jul-2023 ~ How to ~ 3 Minutes Reading

How to Import Mails from Mailbird to Evolution?

If you guys also finding a solution to “Import Emails from Mailbird to Evolution”.Then, you are at the right destination place. In this blog, we will discuss how can we migrate from Mailbird mails to Evolution.

But Why Evolution?

Because Evolution provides a open source groupware feature. It is a flexible and smart application and also provides more advanced security features. It also manages multiple accounts of POP, IMAP, and Microsoft Exchange.

How to Import?

It is not an easy task to import Mailbird mails to the Evolution email client. We basically need a smart application or Software which helps us throughout to migrate mails From Mailbird to Evolution. We need to Download PCDOTS Mailbird Converter This Software also provides a user-friendly interface to the users and is a stand-alone utility that does not need any other application. Once you start using this Software, you will notice that it increases its performance day by day.

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There are basically 2 steps that we have to follow:

  • Convert Mailbird mails to .mbox file.
  • Import .mbox file to Evolution.

Step1 Convert Mailbird mails into MBOX file.

So, as you know we cannot directly migrate Mailbird mails to Evolution email client. What we have to do now? We basically have to convert Mailbird mails into MBOX file format which is supported by Evolution. Follow the steps:

  • Run the PCDOTS Mailbird Converter on your system.
    run mailbird to evolution converter
  • Click on the Open Menu and choose Mailbird Accounts.
    select mailbird account
  • Choose the configured Mailbird Account.
    select mailbird configured account
  • All the loaded mails will be displayed on the screen.
    preview mailbird emails
  • Select all the mails and click on Export button and select MBOX as a file format.
    select mbox to convert mailbird to evolution
  • Enter the output location and click on Save button.
    import mailbird to evolution


You can get the resultant file in the .mbox file format. Then, you can use the file to import into Evolution Account.

Step2 Import MBOX file to Evolution

In the second step, we will directly imports the mails through MBOX file in the Evolution email client.

  • Open the Evolution Account on your system.
  • Click on the File Menu –> Import.
  • Click Continue and import single file.
  • Choose the MBOX file that you had downloaded before.
  • Then, either you can import the file in the existing folders or you can create a new folder.
  • Click Ok–> Continue and Apply. And you will see all the mails in that folder.


  • Users can import mails very fastly from Mailbird to Evolution in a decent manner.
  • Users can migrate multiple mails along with the attachments within a single time period.
  • You can pick either file or folder depending on your choice.
  • The Software can also helps you to convert corrupted and compromised files from Mailbird to Evolution.
  • It is itself a stand-alone tool which do not require any other application.


We understood that it is impossible to migrate Mailbird mails to Evolution directly. We need at least one Extra-advanced Software utility which helps us throughout the process. The PCDOTS Mailbird Converter is a special software utility that can work alone according to the requirements of the users and providing the desired results to the users.