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How to Import Hotmail Contacts to iCloud? [Solved]

Various @hotmail.com email address users are looking for a robust solution to import Hotmail contacts to iCloud. If you are also finding tried and tested methods to transfer contacts from Hotmail to iCloud account. Then, you can stay tuned to this blog post because this article explains several ways to resolve this issue.

Both home and professional users know the value of contacts stored in their @hotmail email accounts. Nowadays, digital contacts seem most crucial when a user wants to connect with a specific person for specific requirements. Hence, users always prefer to save contacts carefully.

Reasons to Transfer Hotmail Contacts to iCloud

Integration with Apple Devices: The process of moving Hotmail contacts to iCloud allows for seamless integration with Apple devices i.e. iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and iMac.

Enhanced Accessibility: iCloud allows you to access your crucial contacts using Apple or non-Apple devices with internet connectivity. This is helpful to reach your contacts even when you are away from your specific device.

Backup and Security: When users switch their devices to work from Windows to Mac, then they also get much iCloud or iCloud+ quota space. We all know that Apple provides the best security features hence users wish to add Hotmail contacts to iCloud.

Integration with iCloud Services: Users want better integration of contacts with different iCloud services, so they prefer to transfer contacts from Hotmail to iCloud. iCloud not only allows to storage of contacts but also supports Mail, Calendar, and data storage facilities.

Is It Possible to Import Hotmail Contacts to iCloud Manually?

Truly, there is no direct option available to transfer Hotmail contacts to iCloud. Hotmail does not allow to export of contacts in VCF format while iCloud supports only VCF contacts. Hence, this is mandatory to use third-party software to complete this task with ease.

Upcoming sections of this article, explain the complete step-by-step process to move Hotmail contacts to iCloud using a semi-automated technique. Let’s Start Now!

How to Transfer Hotmail Contacts to iCloud?

This technique permits to import Hotmail contacts to iCloud within 3 different phases. First, export contacts, then convert contacts, and lastly import contacts. Let’s know how to complete all 3 stages to resolve this query effortlessly.

#1 Phase: Export Hotmail Contacts

  1. Login to your Hotmail account and select People.
  2. Then, choose Manage Contacts from the top right corner.
    Manage contacts
  3. After that, choose the Export Contacts option to continue.
    Export contacts
  4. Select a contact folder from available contacts.
    Select contacts
  5. Tap the Export button to export Hotmail contacts.
    Export Hotmail contacts to iCloud
  6. See your Hotmail contacts exported in CSV format.
    Exported contacts

#2 Phase: Convert Exported Contacts in iCloud Contacts

Now download CSV to vCard Converter on your computer. After that, install & configure it and follow the instructions mentioned below:
Download Now

  1. Launch the software and click Choose Files or Choose Folders for adding Hotmail exported contacts.
    Choose Files
  2. Now you see Hotmail contacts in the software window and hit the Export button.
    Export button
  3. After that, choose vCard as a saving option to continue.
    Select vCard
  4. Browse the destination path to store resultant contacts and click the Save button.
    Click Save
  5. See contacts exported into Hotmail supported format, hit Open Folder.
    Open folder
  6. Lastly, you can see Hotmail contacts in iCloud-supported format.
    Transfer Hotmail contacts to iCloud

#3 Phase: Import Hotmail Contacts to iCloud

  1. Go to iCloud’s official website as shown in the figure below.
    iCloud official website
  2. Sign in to your iCloud account using credentials.
    Login to icloud
  3. After that, choose Contacts from your iCloud account.
    Select contacts
  4. Select the Import vCard option to import contacts from Hotmail to iCloud.
    import Hotmail contacts to iCloud
  5. Choose the iCloud supported contact file and press the Open button.
    Click Open
  6. Moving Hotmail contacts to iCloud, please wait.
    Transfer contacts from Hotmail to iCloud
  7. Hotmail contacts to iCloud were imported successfully.
    imported successfully

Any Question? Get Answer!

Q 1: Can I import my Hotmail contacts to iCloud?

A: Yes, first export Hotmail contacts and then convert them into iCloud supportable format. After that, import converted contacts in iCloud as mentioned above.

Q 2: How do you transfer contacts from Hotmail to iCloud on iPhone?

A: First, complete the above-mentioned 3 phases using a computer. Then login to iCloud on your iPhone device using Apple ID. After that, you can see all imported contacts using an iPhone.

Q 3: How do you sync Hotmail contacts to iCloud on iPhone?

A: Most of the time it happens when the sync option is turned off. So, first, open your iPhone Settings to enable it, iCloud account, and enable the contact sync option accordingly.


This article disclosed an excellent way to import Hotmail contacts to iCloud by completing 3 phases. We have explained all 3 stages in detail with real-time screenshots. Hence, if are also in trouble due to the same issue then you can also complete the above-mentioned steps to transfer contacts from Hotmail to iCloud.