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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 06-Jun-2023 ~ Software ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Import Emails from Thunderbird to Evolution?

Want to import emails from Thunderbird to Evolution? If you answered yes, then you’ve arrived at the right page. This blog post will describe the complete process of moving from Thunderbird to Evolution. Many users choose Evolution as an email client because of its advanced security features and the fact.  As we know that, Evolution is a feature-rich open source groupware framework. It is a strong, scalable, and all-around excellent email client. Evolution makes connecting to Microsoft Exchange servers easy, uses SpamAssassin to delete spam, and supports secure messaging. To understand this more easily, let us take some user queries to import Thunderbird to Evolution.

User Query related “Import Emails from Thunderbird to Evolution”

I’ve been using Thunderbird as an email client for many years, but it no longer receives updates, so I decided to migrate Thunderbird to Evolution Mail. If you have a trustworthy solution to my dilemma, please share it with me.

– Reo, New York

My Thunderbird Mail client stopped running from few days ago due to a huge number of emails. I am not able to access my important emails now. Due to heavy work pressure I have to submit my project in coming two days. I am not aware more about Thunderbird. So I want to migrate emails from Thunderbird to My GNOME Evolution Mail. But don’t know how to do it. Please share a well proofed solution to import emails from Thunderbird to Evolution.

– Amine, California

How to Import Thunderbird Mail to Evolution?

The PCDOTS Thunderbird Converter is a professional solution for migrating from Thunderbird to Evolution. Users can conveniently upload email attachments from Thunderbird to Evolution mail without missing a single bit of data. Users may use the program to import emails from Thunderbird to Evolution at once. The app includes a variety of advanced features that help to improve the software’s efficiency. The software also has an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that is ideal for non-technical users. To begin the Thunderbird to Evolution migration, it is a stand-alone program that does not need any additional installation.

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Stepwise Process to Import Thunderbird to Evolution

Thunderbird to Evolution migration is a quite difficult process. We cannot move Thunderbird emails directly to Evolution. But as we know that, Evolution Mail Client support MBOX File format. So, first we have to convert all Thunderbird emails to MBOX File format. Thereafter, you are able to import all MBOX files to Evolution Mail Client without any restriction. Let’s convert Thunderbird emails to MBOX file format by follow the below instruction.

  1. Install Thunderbird Converter on your current computer, then press the Open button to import emails from Thunderbird to Evolution.
    start thunderbird to evolution import tool
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose Thunderbird account and choose a suitable option to load Thunderbird emails.
    select thunderbird configured accounts
  3. The app will load all of your Thunderbird emails to your software panel.
    loaded files
  4. Choose the email you want to convert and have a full view of the Thunderbird email message.
    preview thunderbird emails
  5. Choose an Export option and choose MBOX as a file from the drop-down list as a saving option.
    select mbox saving option
  6. Then, choose a place to save the resulting MBOX file.
    select destination
  7. To begin the Thunderbird to MBOX conversion process, click the Save button.
    click save to import emails from thunderbird to evolution

Thunderbird to Evolution Migration Tool Features

  •         Users can quickly and efficiently import emails from Thunderbird to Evolution in a skilled manner.
  •         The method can convert corrupted and compromised profiles from Thunderbird to Evolution.
  •         The Thunderbird to Evolution migration enables you to import Thunderbird profile data into Evolution Mail for a single or multiple users.
  •         You can pick files/folder from Thunderbird to Evolution Mail based on your needs or preferences.
  •         It can transfer emails from Thunderbird to Evolution with all of its incorporated objects and components, such as attachments signature, to, cc, bcc, and so on.
  •         During the export of mail from Thunderbird to Evolution, this program retains the folder and subfolder structure.


If you’re wondering “how to import emails from Thunderbird to Evolution” or “how to migrate Thunderbird to Evolution Mail”? A free trial version of the Thunderbird to Evolution Migration Tool is available, which allows you to migrate up to 25 emails from Thunderbird to Evolution Mail. Users can test the software’s features with a free trial version before buying license keys, and if they’re satisfied, they can get license keys to import Thunderbird to Evolution Mail without restrictions.