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PCDOTS Team ~ Published: 13-Jun-2023 ~ Software ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Extract Attachments from EML Files?

Extract attachments from EML files is a challenging task for those who don’t know about a suitable way for the same. Believe us! It is not at all complicated as it seems to you. You can batch extract EML attachments in just one cycle. For this, all you need is the correct guidance and approach.

This necessitates a quick solution that can batch extract attachments from EML files. So, here we are with just what YOU require! We will introduce you to an EML file attachment extractor application that will provide you with an immediate answer to your problem. Let’s begin by learning about an all-purpose method for extracting mail attachments from EML files!

Smart Solution to Extract Attachments from EML Files

Today, we’ll talk about PCDOTS EML Converter. It is a stand-alone method to batch extract EML attachments from many EML files at once. This method does not require installation and allows users to complete the operation with simplicity. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows humans to do their tasks without difficulty. Now, let’s go over the easy procedures for doing EML attachment extraction without a hitch. Users can easily extract attachments from EML files.

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Stepwise Process to Extract EML Attachments

1 – Download and install EML Converter’s setup file. After the product has been properly installed, launch the application.
launch the tool to extract eml attachments

2 – Now Choose Email Data File from the drop-down list and select EML File.
select eml files

3 – To process multiple EML files, use the Select File or Select Folder option to extract attachments from EML Files.
choose folders

4 – Now the software display all the emails to the software screen. Choose the required email to see the complete preview.
preview emails

5 – Click Extract Option and choose Attachment from the below menu to for mass extracting attachments from an EML file.
select attachment option

6 – Specify the place where you want to store all the extracted attachments separately. Finally, click the Save button to start the procedure.

Follow the above instructions to extract all Attachments from EML files in a separate folder. The entire operation will be carried out independently. The method, on the other hand, attempts to finish the full procedure in the smallest amount of time. The remainder of this time period is determined by the number of EML files to be processed using this approach.

Best Features of the EML Attachment Extractor?

  • Fast and Easy Conversion: The EML Attachment Extractor program is designed to conduct speedy conversion while preserving the data’s integrity. Its conversion procedure is quite fast.
  • Most Accurate Conversion: While extract attachments from EML files, all of your valuable data stays exactly as it was in the original format. There was no data loss when migration was completed.
  • Simplest Graphical User Interface: The tool is meant to make the converting procedure as simple as possible. Even if you are a newbie, you can simply extract attachments from an EML file. This process is made very simple by its three-step conversion.
  • Batch Mode Conversion: You can upload many EML files or directories containing EML files at the same time. This function saves a significant amount of time while doing recurring actions such as adding files to the converter.
  • Workable on all Windows Versions: This program is compatible with virtually all versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. User can easily install this software on both 32-bit and 64-bit machine architectures.
  • Free Download: You can use this program for free to extract attachments from EML files. And if you have a licensed version of this program, you may convert an infinite amount of emails. You may export the associated elements from 10 EML files at once using the Demo Version.


When clients need to extract attachments from EML files, our recommended method makes it simple. The approach eliminates all of the stress, obstacles, or complications that a person may have while bulk extracting attachments from EML files. We hope that we were able to resolve your issue and that you will now be able to quickly retrieve attachments from numerous EML files.