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Richard ~ Published: 19-Jul-2023 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Export PowerMail mails to PST Format?

This Blog will help the users who are searching for “How to Export Powermail with attachments to PST?”. And you will be able to know about a new software utility which will also help you in solving other tasks. You can easily solve your problem through that utility and This Software is supporting all versions of Windows OS but doesn’t support MAC OS.

Powermail is a MAC-based powerful application that is used for sending and receiving emails and also manages the complete system in mails. It uses a central database which is used to store the information about mailboxes and basically, it does not require any other system accounts.

So, To convert Powermail mails to PST fomat, you need to PCDOTS MBOX Converter which was earlier suggested by PCDOTS to extract the attachments. It can be easily downloaded on all versions of Windows OS. This tool provides users a separate option to export mails including attachments to a particular format.

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How to Migrate Powermail Mails to PST?

So, now you will have to perform the following steps to migrate powermail Mails including attachments to PST format and through this solution, you will be able to know about a new Software.

There are basically 2 Steps of extracting Attachments:

  • Export the mails into MBOX File.
  • Export MBOX File to PST format.

Step 1. Export the mails into MBOX File

  • Open Powermail and go to File option.
  • Go to database and Export and Select the format.
  • Select Unix Mailbox and also choose Include Attachments.
  • Click on Go-ahead.

Then , you will be able to see the resultant file in MBOX format and it contains all the items of PowerMail Mailbox.

Step 2. Export MBOX File to PST Format

  • Run the MBOX Converter by PCDOTS on your system.
    run powermail to pst converter tool
  • Click the Open Menu and choose MBOX files and select files or folders.
    select mbox files
  • Browse for all the PowerMail MBOX files and import them into the software.
    browse for powermail data
  • Then, you will be able to see the display of complete PowerMail data on your software screen.
    preview emails
  • After that, Click on Export button and choose the PST format.
    select pst saving option
  • Then, enter the destination location and click on Save button.
    export powermail to pst
  • Once the conversion process is done, you will see a successful prompted message.
    check message

Features of PCDOTS MBOX Converter

1. Easy Conversion

By using and understanding the Software and by continuing with the steps, you can easily migrate Powermail Mails including the attachments into PST format.

2. Accessible to all users

This Software is accessible to both technical and non-technical users. Even the non-technical users can use it accurately without taking the help of any other technical guide and can easily convert mails from Powermail to PST.

3. Provides options to choose

It will provide you 2 options while choosing MBOX files. Choose a file to choose a particular file to export. Choose folder to choose the complete folder including all the mails included with this. It is basically the choice of the user that he wants to go with file or folder. Consequently, the Software will work according to the user’s needs.

4. Auto-Detect

While choosing file or folders, it can auto-detect the file or folder and will automatically load the display the mails.

5. Stand-Alone tool

The Software is a stand-alone tool and can work easily alone without taking help of any other technical application or any guide.

FAQs related to this

1. Will this work on Windows 10?

Ans. Yes, this software supports all versions of Windows OS but will not work on Mac OS.

2. Can I migrate to another file format also?

Ans. Yes, you can easily export to other given file format in the Export option.

3. Can I also extract email addresses and phone numbers separately?

Ans. Yes , you can easily extract email addresses as well as the phone numbers separately. The extract of Email addresses will contains To, Cc, Bcc, Date, Time and other email elements.

Final Words

Powermail does not provide the features of exporting emails to PST Format and thus we need a powerful application or utility. By continuing with the PCDOTS MBOX Converter, we will be able to know more and can easily extract different email elements also. Also, This is free and flexible to use and most important thing is that we don’t need to download any other application with this.